Pat turns 74 tomorrow and she’s back in action.. hooray!

Squat rows


Here, Pat is doing two sets of 20 squat rows, one of my fav go-to exercises, in the park. Her doctor diagnosed her with osteopenia in her thoracic vertebrae, a weakening of her bones due to lost bone mass. She’s got to get going with her weight training since her senior center classes stopped in order to help prevent loss of posture and possible pain in her back. Plus, she needs the overload of heavier weights to affect a change in the integrity of her vertebrae.

I will gradually progress her to 10, 12, and 15 lb dumbbells. Working with 3’s and 5’s back in her classes won’t get her much stronger. She is driven to improve and stay as healthy as possible. Good for her! I love that in my clients.

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Park workouts ROCK!

Katja practicing her balance in all 3 planes of motion.

Hi! Bummer that gyms are closed again especially when we were taking all of the necessary precautions at our little indoor-outdoor studio. So, onward and upward! (I always say that to myself.. have to!)

The park in El Segundo works once again like a charm for training. The weather couldn’t be better, and my clients are all in such a good mood if not before they start, they sure are when they’re finished. It’s a great feeling out here! And our health couldn’t be more important right now. I’ve gotten several new clients also and I am delighted. They all admit that they dropped the ball a bit and stopped working out, ate more than they should, or lost enthusiasm for online training. So this works beautifully. Plus, for many of them the workouts have helped stave off mood swings and some depression. I am happy to be able to help them. It’s what I love to do 6 days a week (sometimes 7. I just can’t say ‘no’)

Anyway, I just finished a 5-1/2 really brisk walk with my client/girlfriend and our neighbors dog who sets a pace that’s almost a run, and after baking a Kobucha squash that’s super healthy and tastes like desert, I am off for a little bike ride around town.

I hope you’re enjoying your weekend! Please call, text or email me if you’re in need of some inspiration. I’m good at that.😊


Go for it!

Have you been stalling? Or feeling stuck? Do you suspect that you’ve gained a few pounds but you’re afraid to get on the scale? Are you thinking about starting to workout again, or get serious and get a trainer maybe?
Don’t think, just go!
Here I’m at the lake and the water was ice cold at the beginning of the week. Gradually it warmed up and I had to just jump in. Don’t think I told myself. Heck, I tell my clients this so I had to at least take my own advice. It was SO awesome!!
So just don’t think and do it. It’s time. You’ll pat yourself on the back. You know you will!

Strength Training is SO Important for Older Seniors


Everyone is older than someone. I like to frame it like that rather than categorize a person like myself as older, or senior, because a lot of people are older than me and many are younger. Regardless, whether you’re 30, 40, 60, or 80, unless your lifestyle consists of lifting and pulling and moving, strength training is invaluable to your physical health especially joint health, balance, endurance, and mobility.

The Lake.

The key is this: strength training helps preserve precious muscle mass which we need into old age. It helps to keep joints strong and helps you stay lean. And we all want both of these things because being overweight or having weak muscles can lead to bad falls and injuries which can be debilitating and possibly land us in the hospital.

So if you’re simply walking, it is best to also incorporate proper weight training at least two days per week or it is likely that you will end up losing muscle. That’s because our bodies get used to doing the same thing day in and day out so energy is conserved. We end up expending less energy doing the same exercise. Remember also, we are always aging so we are also always losing muscle. The challenge, which I think is fun, is keeping muscle on.

I always get excited about helping my clients do just that and seeing their improvements. Balance, posture and strength go hand in hand. And the positive effects happen pretty quickly but can also disappear fast if you’re not consistent. So map out a plan with your trainer and keep a log. The results are worth it.

Enjoy and thanks for reading!


Practicing ankle circles!


Haha.. my expression is so serious it’s funny. Oh well. Who cares.

I was taking a video while waiting for a call from this producer and decided to post this clip for fun. I’m going to do an interview and demo for an ABC show about home workouts during Covid and how I pivoted with my workouts and clientele. They’re spotlighting trainers. Fun stuff.

Personally, I always keep going with my workouts. As for my clients, I took them to the beach with my equipment, then when that closed, we went to the park. Easy. Problem solved. We all kept healthy and safe. And it didn’t take much but a couple of med balls, dumbbells, an NT Loop, foam roller, balance disc, and mat. Voila! Onward and upward! The clients that chose to keep scheduling stayed very healthy, fit and strong. I am so happy for them. I hope to see my remaining clients soon. And I hope you all have stayed consistent with being active and taking good care of yourselves. It helps keep that forward inertia (a body that stays in motion..) going mentally and physically. Remember the mental training that comes with keeping consistent. My client Jon wanted me to post this. He never misses a session. This is more important for us all now more than ever.

Love, Mk.

Spread the love!


This woman is one amazing girl, an ex sheriff in charge of a bunch of cops.. really?! Are you kidding me? Hard to believe she’s that tough. Or was.

The reason I’m pointing her out is that she declared ‘I consider you immediate family’ at the beginning of this Covid situation, and I must say that I am honored. Wow. She teaches me a lot. I am always learning and evolving. And I am always one lucky girl. I just wanted to share the love. I think we all need to share our love with each other now more than ever.

Please do this, share your love with people, smile, help, give a little comfort from a distance, in your own way. We all need this, all of us, right now.

❤️Love, mk

Love, MK

Quick trip before we reopen our little gym!!


5 short days in paradise made me feel so darn refreshed. I feel so lucky! Then home to prepare to open up and welcome back clients any day. Finally! Hooray! My fun life filled with such good friends and clients I have missed SO much. I couldn’t wait to get to the mountains and then home to get busy again.

I can’t wait to see you and help you get back into the swing of working out regularly and feeling super healthy. We have all of the protocols in place for a safe and healthy atmosphere at our intimate little indoor/outdoor gym. Never a crowd and always a personal touch. Great vibe too!

See you soon!

Love, MK

Park workouts work wonders 🌱💕

Jon keeping it going until our little studio reopens


My clients haven’t quit. I am so proud of them for not skipping 2-1/2 (or more) months of valuable exercise and meeting me in the park. It is such an unreal feeling to stay healthy and fit!

I can help teach you the proper exercises that will keep your body healthy, your joints strong, improve your balance and flexibility, and keep you going plus keep your mind positive through this uneasy time. We can talk nutrition, too.

The weather’s perfect. And even if you’re starting over, it’s ok. Better than waiting any longer to take charge of your health. I’ve started training clients from scratch many times and I’m so happy to do it. I told Vivienne this morning that I’m so glad she came to me 8 months ago. She is 65 and was walking with a cane. Key word there is ‘was’. She had zero experience with exercise. She has not needed a cane for 7 months now and has never missed a session. She is amazing and so much fun to train. Such a happy story!

*Now offering: NEW clients only-

5 session package. (310)721-1468 for more info.

Available equipment: 3, 5, 8, 10, 12, 15, 20lb dumbbells, Bosu Ball, bands, balance disc, NT Loop, foam rollers, mat, 6, 8, 10, 12lb med balls.

We have plenty of open space, distancing is easy, and my equipment is disinfected after each client.

Taking appointments M-Sat 7am-6:30 pm. Home visits available.

I look forward to speaking with you. Also, please know that I care.

Love, MK