Good news: Study after Study show…

‘Study: Health clubs are not the sources of COVID19 spread’


The above graph you’ll notice is from the CDC. We in the fitness industry have been exchanging ideas, information, support as well as study results since March. And we are bonding like never before. We are all staying optimistic that we can all eventually get back to our lives soon while keeping safe and healthy. We share similar views and are staying on top of the current reports from the CDC and the prominent specialists in the field of medicine, epidemiology, health, and fitness. We want you all to be healthy and fit.

I am in the health industry simply because I don’t feel that anything is more important than our health. Without it, we’ve got nothing, and we can’t do anything we love. Taking good care of ourselves, keeping fit, staying healthy.. from there we can take better care of those we love, nature, animals, our environment and hence our whole world. It’s a wonderful feeling and a viewpoint that is pure optimism. And I just want to spread that good feeling. That’s my passion and has been my passion my entire life.

So let’s get back to it and get fit and healthy again. I’m here to help you and will work with you to make it work, happily. Just let me know, and I hope to inspire you!! Thank you.

❤️Mary K.