Golf Training

T-spine rotations


Bob’s handicap is 7 so it is important for him to stay flexible especially in his thoracic spine but also in his spine and shoulders overall to keep his game strong.

I’ve known Bob my whole life but sometimes life gets in the way of his training. I understand. Now he is on a roll and focusing on his overall strength and conditioning, power, and mobility. At 58, it is time to make his health his #1 priority.

He is a joy to work with and having all of this space outside in our local park works like a charm for what he needs to do. Plus he loves being in nature which is such a bonus for all of my clients and I. We all leave here in such a great mood every single session every day.

I hope you’re keeping up your workouts even through the state of things this January and soon to be February and on throughout the year. More than ever, we all need to our our health first ‘cause you can’t do anything without it.



Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We wish you a great year ahead and a healthy and fit one!

Pat, 75, and all of my clients have kept consistent throughout the holidays so I’ve been happily busy. I love it!

PS notice the kids in the background. They’re always fascinated by us adults moving, like them I’m thinking, with toys! They add so much to our days in the park, outside, enjoying nature while working out. It doesn’t get any better than this.

More to come.. enjoy!

Love, mk

Jon lunging and staying fit!

Hi! Jon’s been a regular and consistent client of mine for 5 years now and it shows. He runs on his off days and tries to stay up with his college aged son who is a triathlete. This is really important to him. Good for him!

Go Jon! I hope he inspires you to either start exercising or keep going if you are already training regularly. He’s 56 by the way and looks about 35 I think.


Love, mk

I Love This! 💕

What a surprise just now on IG!

Sophia is 20 something, I’m 3 months from 65 (yikes!) and she said this?!! Wow. She is MY inspiration. I was never that smart and street-wise at her age. But we have so much in common. Her energy is amazing and infectious. I can learn from her I just know it. I don’t know her well yet but I can feel it.. she is one very special girl.

Thanks Sophia. Much love,


My family vacation at the new cottage!

We swam, ran, walked, SUP’d, played pickleball, rode bikes, and ate healthy. Feels good!
We love being as active as possible
Happy me holding my great niece finally!


I hope you are having a fun and healthy, active summer! We tend to just keep it going and share lots of activities. That’s just how we’ve always done things.

My MD brother and I always hoped that our fitness lifestyles would rub off on the kids, my nephews and nieces, and luckily it did. You can do this, too. Setting a healthy example is the way to go. We don’t give in on trips and overindulge. Sure there’s always chips around, good wine with dinner, a cocktail here ‘n there, and of course an occasional desert, but it’s all in keeping with staying healthy. Check done! We just want to feel good and get the most out of our time together.

Love and wishing you good health,



Core work just feels good.


I wanted to make up a new addition to one of my CSCS colleagues, Meghan Calloway’s, core exercises. Here I’m challenging my core to remain stable against the pull of my hip flexors (thanks Meghan!). Then I added a lateral toe touch where gluteus medius is activated while my core still remains in place and motionless. It’s a cool feeling and I love core work. The two together are a challenge, but a good challenge. 2 sets of 30 worked well for my first attempt.

I think of every exercise, whether it’s in an upright position like a squat or a lunge, or laying supine as in dead bug, a core exercise. So I focus on tightening and bracing my abs in order to stabilize my hips and back whenever I do my weight workout. And it works very well. This is a very effective way to think about it.

Like I tell any new client, the core often can be deconditioned. So, you may not feel it working very well at first. But with the proper exercises and practice, you will feel the tightening and good tension you’re seeking over time. And that’s awesome. That’s what you want. Basically the fitter and stronger you get, the MORE you will feel your abs working and stabilizing the lumbo pelvis complex.

My last very important note: our core is made up of simply everything but our arms and legs. Basically, they should be trained to stabilize the lumbo (lumbar spine) pelvic complex. It includes besides our abs and back our chest and glute muscles.

I hope you enjoyed this video. Have a great weekend!

Love, mk

Beautiful, delicious food!


Check out this gorgeous salad my client made for me last night along with wine, Salmon and fresh organic asparagus.. wow! It was absolutely delicious. The great thing is that we both eat plant based everywhere we go. There is so much incredibly tasty plant based food to discover. And the best thing for me is that it makes me feel healthy, and that’s #1 for me. Without that, you’ve got nothing. Think about it.. what a worry. I remember that since a friend of mine is very ill right now.

I’ve had a couple of health scares in my life that turned out insignificant, and I remember thinking ‘I would trade all of the other problems I have for my health.’ So I always remind myself of that daily. It makes it easy to leave out meat totally. Plus I love all animals way too much. And they all bond, have families, and can feel sad or happy and free… hence an easy choice for their health and mine. Then I also nurture myself with nature and animals everyday, my kitty especially.

I hope you’re having a beautiful weekend!



Keeping a Balance

Niner Winery, Paso Robles, CA


As I thought would happen, I’ve gotten pretty darn busy with new clients especially with the vaccine rollout. I am happy about that to be sure and am training 6-7 days/week. But I also need to keep a healthy balance in my life. I needed a blast of pure nature for a weekend.

So my girlfriend and long time client and I took off up the coast for a quick get away in Paso and Cambria. It’s perfect there right now.. cool with fewer people, great, healthy farm to table, fresh, delicious food, guaranteed incredible wines, and we laughed all weekend!

I need nature daily in my life, so the coast and the hillsides are an easy pick up in NorCal. We had a blast! We walked everywhere and ate super healthy as always. That’s hers and my style even on vacation. It just feels good. The fresh air, trees, gardens, birds, and super nice people topped it all off. Wonderful! This combo always inspires me.

Enjoy! Stay healthy and I hope you can escape and get out in your favorite nature-filled place often.



Gyms Reopen Monday!!!

Finally!! I couldn’t be happier to hear the news. It’s been one heckuva long year for gyms, people’s health, and fitness to say the least.

Now, this should be, if you aren’t already, absolutely #1 on your list of priorities .. to get healthy and fit. This will help you stave off most diseases generally speaking. And now I can help you in our open air studio. I would much rather train my clients face to face. I’m happier and so are they. It’s an unmatched, wonderful experience. I really don’t consider it ‘work’ at all. That’s how much I enjoy training everyone. They learn and so do I. I love it!

AREA 44 Fitness

The heavy ropes. One of my favorite things to do.. to music and usually a long 7 minute song. Fun!

Ps don’t worry. I won’t make you do it.

Enjoy this lovely weekend! And ‘spring forward’ tonight with our clocks. Hooray!



Perfect Day for a Hike!

Malaga Cove, Palos Verdes


Do you ever feel in a bit of a funk? I did this morning but I just have way too much to be happy about and consider myself a super fortunate girl.

Sooo.. I didn’t dwell or procrastinate at all like last Sunday. In fact, I wrote on my calendar last Sunday to hike PV today. There. Committed. Decided. On my way. The second I started hiking up the trail, I was fine, content, and refreshed. I did the trail twice. Beautiful views don’t you think? It just doesn’t get old to me even with the clouds.

I think that we can all get in a funk lately to say the least, but I am lucky I always think. The biggest thing I have on my side is my good health. Others may not especially now so I really have nothing to feel down about. All I want to do is help as many people as possible to be healthier so that they can care for each other, animals, and nature better. Isn’t that what life’s about?

I hope you are enjoying your Sunday to the fullest and that you are taking good care of yourself. Any way that I can help inspire you, please let me know!