Summertime is here!


Here’s another quickie, healthy and tasty breakfast idea!


•toasted whole wheat English muffin

•almond butter

•sliced nectarines

•ground flax seeds mixed with chia seeds

•Ikarian honey drizzle (I order it online. Delicious and chock full of nutrition from the untouched lands of the island of Ikaria!)

Takes just minutes and gets me through my morning clients. It’s either that or my yogurt mixture (see earlier post).

So many of my clients ask for quick ideas for breakfast especially if they tend to skip it altogether. Not good since they’ll be ravishingly hungry by lunchtime and may tend to overeat later. Plus, if this describes you, it will be difficult for you to get all of the valuable nutrients you need in the day to keep you healthy.


Love, Mk

A great way to attack your abs: knee tucks

I’m doing these knee tucks on the Hanger 44 Suspension system. A great way to vary them is by alternating pulling your knees in to the right and then left. This can also be done on a stability ball but is not for beginners as a beginner’s back may not be supported by a strong base of abdominal strength just yet.

Remember that there is always a progression with exercise from easier movements to more challenging movements. This is the safest way to avoid injury. Your trainer should have an instinct based on extensive experience and a proper education (preferably a 4 year degree) in exercise prescription.


Fast Food Tips

Reportedly, 80% of Americans eat fast food. Wow. My advice simply put? Don’t. Some of my suggestions: do the ‘fast food’ salad and food bar at Whole Foods instead, or order ahead from Veggie Grill, or bring healthy leftovers from home. When you do this, notice how good it feels to truly take care of yourself.

Good morning!

Here’s a quick, delicious breakfast idea that is one of my favs: nonfat goat milk yogurt, Lavva yogurt, organic strawberries and blackberries, ground flax seed. The nutrients of the flax are better absorbed ground. Takes a minute to make and is packed with protein, complex carbs and limited saturated fats.
Remember, it’s very trendy right now to go low on carbs, but you may miss out on valuable fuel (complex carbs provide that) and valuable fiber (ditto). This very lo-carb trend I believe originated with fast food-type carbs. Don’t avoid them. Enjoy them.. the high quality carbs!

My 75 year old client’s 20 year old knee replacement is still going strong.

I’ve been training Don for 12 years. His orthopedic doctor took 4 X-rays yesterday to check the I integrity of his right knee and found that it was strong and stable. He also said ‘keep doing what you’re doing and stick with her’. I knew we were on the right track. Great news! That makes me so happy.

The heavy ropes are a fun variation of a total body workout.