Mother-Daughter Team!

Amanda & Kim


I’m so happy to have these two returning to train with me. It’s going on 8 months for them without a solid exercise routine, and that’s long enough. I’m sure that’s true for many people but it will feel so much better to get moving again. I’ll also have them do a detailed food log for 3-5 days and take a look at how we can clean things up and cut corners a bit.

Sometimes all it takes is a little more of a plant based eating style and more healthy snacks. And I always look at triggers, habits, and a clients’ overall mentality. I’ll advise regular exercise at least 5 days/week so what they are exercising more often than not. The amount of time, weights, CV etc will depend on the client, injury history, etc.

It is a blast training these two together! I hope they inspire you to not wait any longer, figure out a solid schedule, get out the door, and move. We have to keep ourselves healthy now more than ever, and the instant benefits of exercising muscles are incredible.. the important chemicals that are emitted into our bloodstream are so valuable in addition to the immediate stress relief and improved outlook on life. Don’t think so much, just go!

Enjoy, and know that I didn’t give up on anyone and didn’t quit the personal training profession like a lot of trainers I have heard did. I am in it for the long run! It is what I love.


Jon! Perfect Weighted Side Bridge

Hi! Jon’s very focused here with a 10lb dumbbell in a sidebridge. This works ‘core’ muscles which he needs to strengthen in various planes to compliment his golf and running with his athletic son. He’s got great control. He will hold for 20-30 seconds, 2 sets each side. I love that he never misses a session. Consistency is key!

Exercise! It Is So Worth It Everyday.

This is a an excellent, very valuable article by Dr. Kenneth P. Moritsugu, formerly Deputy Surgeon General and the Acting Surgeon General of the United States.

Good news: Study after Study show…

‘Study: Health clubs are not the sources of COVID19 spread’


The above graph you’ll notice is from the CDC. We in the fitness industry have been exchanging ideas, information, support as well as study results since March. And we are bonding like never before. We are all staying optimistic that we can all eventually get back to our lives soon while keeping safe and healthy. We share similar views and are staying on top of the current reports from the CDC and the prominent specialists in the field of medicine, epidemiology, health, and fitness. We want you all to be healthy and fit.

I am in the health industry simply because I don’t feel that anything is more important than our health. Without it, we’ve got nothing, and we can’t do anything we love. Taking good care of ourselves, keeping fit, staying healthy.. from there we can take better care of those we love, nature, animals, our environment and hence our whole world. It’s a wonderful feeling and a viewpoint that is pure optimism. And I just want to spread that good feeling. That’s my passion and has been my passion my entire life.

So let’s get back to it and get fit and healthy again. I’m here to help you and will work with you to make it work, happily. Just let me know, and I hope to inspire you!! Thank you.

❤️Mary K.

Working on Posture and Balance


Are you working from home like so many people? So is Theary. My main concern with her is keeping her posture from suffering as she works remotely all day with long hours. These rows help her keep her upper back muscles and shoulders strong hence her posture will improve. She will be less prone to back, neck and shoulder pain, too. She trains 3 days/week with me which will get her fit pretty fast. I also counsel her on nutrition as part of planned appointments.

Of course with gym still closed in SoCal, our park works perfectly with plenty of shady spots, and I’ve got a bunch of equipment including dumbbells, medicine balls, the TLoop shown here, bands, balance disks and mats.

It’s September this week (5 months have gone!) so please call me if you’ve fallen off of your workouts, or lost inspiration. We’ll inspire each other I’m sure of it! Appointments available. Scheduling is actually easier now.

Enjoy your Sunday,


Pat turns 74 tomorrow and she’s back in action.. hooray!

Squat rows


Here, Pat is doing two sets of 20 squat rows, one of my fav go-to exercises, in the park. Her doctor diagnosed her with osteopenia in her thoracic vertebrae, a weakening of her bones due to lost bone mass. She’s got to get going with her weight training since her senior center classes stopped in order to help prevent loss of posture and possible pain in her back. Plus, she needs the overload of heavier weights to affect a change in the integrity of her vertebrae.

I will gradually progress her to 10, 12, and 15 lb dumbbells. Working with 3’s and 5’s back in her classes won’t get her much stronger. She is driven to improve and stay as healthy as possible. Good for her! I love that in my clients.

Thanks for reading,


Park workouts ROCK!

Katja practicing her balance in all 3 planes of motion.

Hi! Bummer that gyms are closed again especially when we were taking all of the necessary precautions at our little indoor-outdoor studio. So, onward and upward! (I always say that to myself.. have to!)

The park in El Segundo works once again like a charm for training. The weather couldn’t be better, and my clients are all in such a good mood if not before they start, they sure are when they’re finished. It’s a great feeling out here! And our health couldn’t be more important right now. I’ve gotten several new clients also and I am delighted. They all admit that they dropped the ball a bit and stopped working out, ate more than they should, or lost enthusiasm for online training. So this works beautifully. Plus, for many of them the workouts have helped stave off mood swings and some depression. I am happy to be able to help them. It’s what I love to do 6 days a week (sometimes 7. I just can’t say ‘no’)

Anyway, I just finished a 5-1/2 really brisk walk with my client/girlfriend and our neighbors dog who sets a pace that’s almost a run, and after baking a Kobucha squash that’s super healthy and tastes like desert, I am off for a little bike ride around town.

I hope you’re enjoying your weekend! Please call, text or email me if you’re in need of some inspiration. I’m good at that.😊