Laura, age 59, my high school friend/client, working abs & so much more!

Laura is using the suspension training system Hanger 44 targeting abdominals and back. She is also working. G chest, shoulders, arms in this side swing. Her goal? Do a controlled swing aide to side from her shoulders for 30 seconds. Not very easy at all but it feels great. 

The Hanger is so versatile that often it can also provide the perfect assist for my clients with knee or hip pain due to weak, deconditioned muscles.  I can easily modify and gradually increase their ROM safely so that they can get their lives back and activities back to normal functioning.

Spotting Lexie – walking chest press 

She’s strong now and has been with me for over 2 years. Being an ex-collegiate athlete in basketball, she prides herself on staying fit but lacks the discipline to do it now that she’s in the corporate world… a typical problem facing many millenials. Voila! That’s where I come in. Having to keep an appointment with me keeps her consistent, fit, healthy and down 2 pant sizes. 

Pre- and post- workout stretch

I use this stretch with my clients following a general warm-up or cardiovascular workout:

Here, I am doing a ‘dynamic’ meaning ‘moving’ stretch as I travel down the room, opening up, warming & increasing blood flow to my hips, knees, ankles & back. Keep the back as neutral as possible. Avoid rounding. It requires a bit of balance as you stand up from this position on one leg, step forward and lunge foward into the other with support from the hand on the floor. This is also fantastic used as a mid-run stretch.

Snack time!

You know what they say about apples?! But I’ve never been wild about them (love blueberries), so.. I challenged myself to start eating one a day, and now I’m hooked. That, guys and gals, is how a habit changes (if you really want it to change and I did) for the good! 

I add the only vitamin I take, a gummy multivitamin, and I feel great!