Here I’m using the Indo board for upper body coordination, balance & shoulder stability. Fun stuff!


Dangerous trend in fitness?

Ahmood has a natural ability to move with great form right down to his footplant. And if you know me, I am very particular about this. It is so key to making sure to avoid ankle, knee, hip and back pain. Please remember, plyometrics like this one should be done systematically and with limited reps/session depending on your goal. And is your goal to jump better? Do you have a sport that requires this skill? Do you need this in your daily life? Ahmood is smart and doesn’t go crazy with his jumps. It’s just fun variety. I see a dangerous trend lately in fitness with overdoing jumps to lose weight. Ouch! And on hard surfaces? Our bodies are meant to move forward remember. That’s what our feet/arches are designed to do. Better to separate your CV and strength training for better/safer results. #personaltrainer #YOURWorldTrainer #fitness #fitover40 #health #elsegundo #manhattanbeach #hermosabeach #redondobeach #playavista #losangeles #lovemyjob❤️

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Balance, balance, #balance. Core, core, #core.. although I think that word is way overused. I love balance stuff. It’s so darn fun! This is one of the first exercises I ever learned on the ball a long time ago, and I haven’t done it in almost as long. The thing with balance is that it is quickly learned and easily remembered.. for most, like surfers, golfers, gymnasts, etc. Sure, they mess up royally but can also be the best at the very next wave, putt, dismount, … There are just so many complex factors involved in mastering these sports. And this ball exercise is a great one for your back and abs regardless of whether you are an athlete or not. #YOURWorldTrainer #personaltrainer #fitness #fitover30 #fitover40 #fitover50 #fitover60 #elsegundo #manhattanbeach #hermosabeach #redondobeach #inglewood #playavista #losangeles @becauseisaidiwould #ilovemyjob💃thanks Patti @coolie_surf for my killer tights!! More great prints coming soon ….👏👏To find out more, ask me: @mksupersessions @momboteri These are them! Check @coolie_surf website for tights👌🏻🌊

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The benefits of running (or walking) without headphones. 

See the smile on my face? That’s because I got to say hello to so many friendly folks once again along my morning run, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. There’s a community out there, no matter where you go, of runners and walkers, and we all share that activity. It bonds total strangers in such a great way. And in this day and age of disconnect and separation due to technology, there’s nothing better than a run or walk outside in nature amoung new friends. What a way to start your day! 

Another success story!

Meet Stacy. This girl walks into our little boutique gym, asks to get on my calendar, is totally positive and consistent from the get go, and loses 3 sizes over about 4 months. That’s called doing it the right way, and I can tell that this is permanent. No fad diets, no crazy supplements, and with my safe, detailed training techniques, she’s healthy with no injuries and feels great. 

There are some pretty wild and out of control movements being taught in fitness these days especially ballistic, dangerous jumps like burpees, jumping jacks, box jumps and plain old jumping up and down. Are we reverting back to those dangerous days of the 80’s when we jumped on cement floors to get our heart rates up? I’ve been through that and would do it completely different now. Plyometrics need to be scientifically measured out for the client. And they aren’t an essential part of a beginner’s program or someone 50+ unless that client is in training for a sport that requires it. So be cautious of any program that includes loads of jumps please.