Is Butter Really Back?

Deliciously healthy. Feels good!

Deliciously healthy. Feels good!

Fairly new blogger here..but VERY enthusiastic lifelong fitness girl & writer!

Because Ii saidiwould

Welcome to my blog officially!

Thanks for reading, ‘liking’, and sharing comments. I am learning about bogging but have been writing for years. Simply put, I am out to change the world! I am still figuring out how to do that but I will. Life is too darn short not to, and I wake up every morning feeling compelled to do just that.

My thing is fitness & health. I really don’t remember this not being my thing. I grew up studying it and I still do, constantly. I LOVE learning and feel that I can learn from anyone at any age.

Feel free to check out my facebook pages as they have a lot of content – MKSuperSessions & Mary K. Ludlow – and please follow me on twitter: @MKSuperSessions; Instagram: MKSupersessions; check out my background and accomplishments on LinkedIn: Mary K. Ludlow, so that you know you are reading from a reliable source…very important! Again, welcome! Have a fantastic day! I started mine with a surf and a run—woohoo!