So happy- down 15lbs!

Anita, my client I’ve known for oh about 10 years, has struggled: 2 knee replacements plus 2 broken patellas this year. Wow. And she’s been a size 18, am size 8, and everything in between over the years.

She came back to me out of the blue about 2 months ago in one full leg brace and honestly I initially scratched my head. We began plugging away at exercises I thought she could do pain-free but with quite a few limitations to say the least.

Today when I looked at her (and I see her 3x/week so it makes it harder to notice changes), she looked different. I paused and said exactly that to her. Then she burst out ‘I’ve lost 15 lbs!’, threw her arms around me, and we both had goosebumps because this is the beginning of a new chapter in her life. I can tell. She can tell. And it’s all her. I let her say it. That’s my reward.. seeing her bask in her happiness. Because when she wins, I win.

I love my clients!


Lauren in the video, age 31, is working lower traps. She needs shoulder, back, hip, knee stability because of injuries even though she’s really young. A bit too much CrossFit and boxing classes that have been too fast and furious for her.

The next pic she and my client Anita, age 54, are hanging out with Milo Anita’s dog in between sessions.

We have such a friendly, casual atmosphere at Area 44 Fitness after training at many different big gyms and then opening 8 years ago. We wanted a relaxed, super friendly but serious about getting fit type of feeling. And it works! Enjoy!

Me ‘n the boys!


Today at these clients’ lunch breaks we all worked out and had fun. Casey with his broken finger (in two places no less – yeouch!), Ahmood working his squat power, and Matt rehabbing his hyperextended ankle (chest up a tad more), and moi all over the place working a little of everything today.

The vibe is excellent here always! So casual and unassuming. Easy going yet we work hard but with good, safe form. I’ll always offer tips anytime, any day if you need it.