The heavy ropes!

Super-setting (meaning doing a set of one exercise, then another, and switching back & forth) the ropes with weights is such a fun way to keep warm, maintain your heart rate, workout your entire body, vary things and keep your workout interesting to say the least! As far as calories burned? TONS!

This move is a power move but it can be made easier by using one rope or simply doing a short set. I can make the ropes work for any ability. And I’ll time it or count out reps. I will also always watch your form, posture, foot plant, etc. closely. That is SO important especially when working out very consistently, day after day, rep after rep.

*My clients stay with me for quite a long time and I have some ‘lifers’ because they know how much I care. It’s personal hence it’s called Personal Training. Besides the physical part, we get to know each other quite well (but I never pry into clients’ lives..ever) and we often share some stories. We have a ton of fun together! I’ll make sure of that since it’s sometimes hard enough just doing the exercises some days. All good!