Swimmer’s Pike

Swimmer's Pike

Everyone wants a great, new & original abdominal exercise. Here’s one that works more than just abs and it can be done almost anywhere outside as well as in the gym: the Swimmer’s Pike using the Hanger 44 Suspension System. I usually do 2 sets of 20 and may throw in a pushup in between each rep. Fun, fun!




That’s me running in the heat. Yikes! It’s almost 90 degrees out so Jes and I must hydrate the night before (constant gulps of water with my new Liquid I.V. water bottle) as well as on the morning of our runs this week. We skipped intervals. Next week!

Check out their website: Liquid I.V. and on facebook. These guys will go far! Their product works and is half the sugar of other hydration drinks.

Medicine ball planks

Medicine ball planks

Here I demonstrate a fantastic (and not too easy I might add) abdominal exercise. It also works arms, chest, shoulders and triceps:

~ line yourself with your chest directly over the ball.
~ set your shoulder blades firmly into the sides of your back.
~ body is parallel to the ground.
~ lift one leg stiffly with the foot flexed and touch the opposite heal.
~ alternate with bringing one knee at a time in toward the ball.

I recommend that med ball planks be done with total stability. No moving the back out of neutral.
*Common mistakes: body is NOT parallel to the floor (less abdominal activation), the lower back moves, and shoulders hunch & round.
*To increase the difficulty, try a hard, less stable, light med ball. It feels great!

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