Fun patio workout!


I learned this move from a very respected colleague of mine Vernon Griffith recently and I have added variations that I love. I just taught this to my client this morning, but the thing is I wanted more. So I am home doing just that. It is so fun! And it’s chilly out so as always, I gotta keep moving.

I don’t know about you but when I wake up in the morning, I come back to the reality of the world, and have to snap out of any sad or depressing thoughts. So I plan my workout, do a couple of stretches in bed, and get psyched for the day! I think, ‘I’m alive!’ especially after losing a few people in my life very recently (not COVID related). I think ‘I am so lucky!’ and I look forward to seeing my clients everyday who are staying consistent and keeping them going.

I hope you are moving daily and staying truly healthy and fit. I am afraid that a lot of people, at least in the US, are not taking the idea of ‘health’ literally enough and doing something about improving their it on a daily basis. I don’t understand that as I read that the obesity problem is STILL increasing in the US. Wow.

So PLEASE exercise, everyday. You don’t have choice anymore. And you, too, will also get hooked!


Building a Healthy Immune System is a Top Priority for All of Us.


I have always exercised my ankles/feet daily since my 20’s when I had a slew of injuries from the hi-impact aerobics’ days. I am good now thankfully!

Balancing act on Da Hana Ranch, Hawaii

I just got back from a trip with my client Chris to Waikoloa Resort on the Big Island. The highlight for me was horseback riding on my girlfriend’s ranch. Kiyo and I grew up as ‘trainers’ back when we knew very little about the field of fitness. We taught ‘dance exercise’ classes pre- aerobics era at a studio I owned with  girlfriend. We all had a great time! All of my students became long time friends. So now after 20+ years of training, a degree and a couple of certs, I have always been able to jump on a trip to wherever, do whatever activity I want with my friends, and live life to the fullest! That has always been one of my goals, and it is one I want for everyone I meet. It is SO freeing and exhilarating!

Mahalo Chris and Kiyo, and aloha to you!




When all of your training comes in handy!

When all of your training comes in handy!