Snack time!

You know what they say about apples?! But I’ve never been wild about them (love blueberries), so.. I challenged myself to start eating one a day, and now I’m hooked. That, guys and gals, is how a habit changes (if you really want it to change and I did) for the good! 

I add the only vitamin I take, a gummy multivitamin, and I feel great!



Staying cool!

Check out our monster fan! Plus, we have a great cross breeze always at AREA 44 Fitness. And, if you’re looking for a fantastic, supportive, super light running shoe (I use mine for everything), check out the Hoka’s. No minimalist shoe here. They’re just what I need having had 2 hip surgeries years ago. It’s like walking or running or squatting & lunging on air. You fly!

Golf Training 

I have some great golfers as clients as well as many older (50+) clients. Here is my client Chris driving. She’s an amazing golfer. In the second pic I’m demonstrating a rotational exercise for my golfing clients. We concentrate on hip power, balance and injury prevention. With my older clients, it’s staying pain-free while regaining the ability to do the things they used to be able to do.


Check out this perfect late night snack!

Thai coconut curry soup with my homegrown tomatoes plus super greens. It’s funny, I throw it all together thinking I want to make it as colorful & healthy as possible and I think wow, how beautiful! I’ve gotta take a photo.   


Training Lynette post hip replacement surgery

I’ve had 2 hip surgeries: 1 hip replacement, 1 hip resurfacing and have zero limitations & full strength. My surgeon, Dr  Andrew Yun, recommended that I do my own rehab. I aim to help others get their lives back, too!


One of the reasons I do what I do! 

Below is from the February 2016 Longevity issue of Time magazine. Worth the read!

I encourage my high school friends and 50+ clients (as well as everyone I know) to get and stay healthy and strong, exercise more days than not, and stay social.. in person more than through social media.  The researchers also highly recommend a mostly plant-based diet.  



We’re our way to Mammoth but we were trying to cram in a look at the ‘Super Bloom’ in Death Valley but it would take us at least 2 hours out of our way. Dang. Next time!