Snack time!

You know what they say about apples?! But I’ve never been wild about them (love blueberries), so.. I challenged myself to start eating one a day, and now I’m hooked. That, guys and gals, is how a habit changes (if you really want it to change and I did) for the good! 

I add the only vitamin I take, a gummy multivitamin, and I feel great!


Staying cool!

Check out our monster fan! Plus, we have a great cross breeze always at AREA 44 Fitness. And, if you’re looking for a fantastic, supportive, super light running shoe (I use mine for everything), check out the Hoka’s. No minimalist shoe here. They’re just what I need having had 2 hip surgeries years ago. It’s like walking or running or squatting & lunging on air. You fly!

Golf Training 

I have some great golfers as clients as well as many older (50+) clients. Here is my client Chris driving. She’s an amazing golfer. In the second pic I’m demonstrating a rotational exercise for my golfing clients. We concentrate on hip power, balance and injury prevention. With my older clients, it’s staying pain-free while regaining the ability to do the things they used to be able to do.

One of the reasons I do what I do! 

Below is from the February 2016 Longevity issue of Time magazine. Worth the read!

I encourage my high school friends and 50+ clients (as well as everyone I know) to get and stay healthy and strong, exercise more days than not, and stay social.. in person more than through social media.  The researchers also highly recommend a mostly plant-based diet.