Golf Training

T-spine rotations


Bob’s handicap is 7 so it is important for him to stay flexible especially in his thoracic spine but also in his spine and shoulders overall to keep his game strong.

I’ve known Bob my whole life but sometimes life gets in the way of his training. I understand. Now he is on a roll and focusing on his overall strength and conditioning, power, and mobility. At 58, it is time to make his health his #1 priority.

He is a joy to work with and having all of this space outside in our local park works like a charm for what he needs to do. Plus he loves being in nature which is such a bonus for all of my clients and I. We all leave here in such a great mood every single session every day.

I hope you’re keeping up your workouts even through the state of things this January and soon to be February and on throughout the year. More than ever, we all need to our our health first ‘cause you can’t do anything without it.



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