My story…

Mary K. earned a B.A. in Athletic Training in 1983, (prevention and treatment of athletic injuries), is a C.S.C.S., Strength and Conditioning Specialist since 1991, a certified Nutrition Coach, and a Golf Injury Prevention Specialist. She is also a contributing author and a proud member of MFN, Medical Fitness Network. She has recently become a volunteer for RAM, Remote Area Medical.

Mary K. is extremely passionate and about connecting with and inspiring as many people as possible with the goal of improving the quality of their lives as they age, at any age, by becoming healthy and fit. She is extremely friendly, approachable, trustworthy and has an amazing retention rate with her clients. She wants to make a difference!

Her vision:

‘I want people to be able to live quality, active, engaged, meaningful lives full of the freedom to continue to participate in the activities that they have always loved to do, appreciate nature, travel, make a difference, spend time with family and friends, be pain-free and just feel good. This is true happiness!’

MK, as she often goes by, grew up loving the outdoors, skiing, competitive swimming, biking, surfing, and running. She fell in love with fitness and went on to teach ‘aerobic exercise’ classes which led her to study exercise and become a personal trainer.

Currently, she works as a professional Personal Trainer with over 20 years of experience. She was an Athletic Trainer for the 1984 Olympics, she helped create a wear-testing program for Reebok which went nation wide, and created & designed fitness programs for several companies, including SONY Pictures and AMBLIN/DreamWorks Entertainment (ET, Jurassic Park, etc). Mary K. has trained people of all ages and abilities including celebrities.

In her 30’s, she went back to college to run for the EL Camino College Track & Cross Country team which went undefeated winning the California State Championships. After that, she started racing mountain bikes and then competed in sprint triathlons.

MK has had 2 major hip surgeries and has full function and zero limitations. Her surgeon, Dr. Andrew Yun, said that this is the first of a new generation of younger people in their 50’s who desired to maintain their activity levels their entire lives, and this group is growing in numbers. According to a recent news article out of the UK, ‘..the greatest long-term demographic challenge facing the developed world and emerging markets is aging populations.  Hip replacements, knee surgeries…’ will be among the most numerous. She now specializes in hip and knee strengthening and strives to help these clients get their lives back after surgery.

Mary K.  is currently taking clients at a studio in El Segundo as well as in-home.

Some of the skills she works on with clients include joint strengthening, weight loss, nutrition, flexibility (static & dynamic), balance training, coordination, power, endurance, mental focus, mind games, and goal-setting strategies. She is very detail-oriented when it comes to movement with the intent of preventing injuries and developing a fit body with the most effective exercises possible. She has a great sense of humor and knows how important it is to make each session valuable for her clients as well as fun!

A few extra thoughts:

~ I am very dedicated to you and I will always show up, on time.

~ I rarely cancel any training appointments.

~ I pay full attention to YOU and not my phone!

~ I will never yell at you (Biggest Loser is NOT my style).

~ I will gradually and safely progress your training within your capabilities.

~ I will make your session as enjoyable as possible.

~ I will give you all I got!


Mary K.’s availability:
NEW hours for 2019:

M-TH: 7 am – 7 pm
Fri: 7 am – 5 pm
Sat: 8 am – 1 pm
Sun: upon request

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