Park workouts ROCK!

Katja practicing her balance in all 3 planes of motion.

Hi! Bummer that gyms are closed again especially when we were taking all of the necessary precautions at our little indoor-outdoor studio. So, onward and upward! (I always say that to myself.. have to!)

The park in El Segundo works once again like a charm for training. The weather couldn’t be better, and my clients are all in such a good mood if not before they start, they sure are when they’re finished. It’s a great feeling out here! And our health couldn’t be more important right now. I’ve gotten several new clients also and I am delighted. They all admit that they dropped the ball a bit and stopped working out, ate more than they should, or lost enthusiasm for online training. So this works beautifully. Plus, for many of them the workouts have helped stave off mood swings and some depression. I am happy to be able to help them. It’s what I love to do 6 days a week (sometimes 7. I just can’t say ‘no’)

Anyway, I just finished a 5-1/2 really brisk walk with my client/girlfriend and our neighbors dog who sets a pace that’s almost a run, and after baking a Kobucha squash that’s super healthy and tastes like desert, I am off for a little bike ride around town.

I hope you’re enjoying your weekend! Please call, text or email me if you’re in need of some inspiration. I’m good at that.😊