Laura, age 59, my high school friend/client, working abs & so much more!

Laura is using the suspension training system Hanger 44 targeting abdominals and back. She is also working. G chest, shoulders, arms in this side swing. Her goal? Do a controlled swing aide to side from her shoulders for 30 seconds. Not very easy at all but it feels great. 

The Hanger is so versatile that often it can also provide the perfect assist for my clients with knee or hip pain due to weak, deconditioned muscles.  I can easily modify and gradually increase their ROM safely so that they can get their lives back and activities back to normal functioning.

Here is honey from the Greek island of Ikaria, one of the Blue Zones. 

I just ordered more of this special, delicious, dark brown homemade honey from Ikaria, a tiny Greek island. It has been an important part of their diet for centuries and ‘contributes to the impressive longevity of Ikarians’.