Gyms Reopen Monday!!!

Finally!! I couldn’t be happier to hear the news. It’s been one heckuva long year for gyms, people’s health, and fitness to say the least.

Now, this should be, if you aren’t already, absolutely #1 on your list of priorities .. to get healthy and fit. This will help you stave off most diseases generally speaking. And now I can help you in our open air studio. I would much rather train my clients face to face. I’m happier and so are they. It’s an unmatched, wonderful experience. I really don’t consider it ‘work’ at all. That’s how much I enjoy training everyone. They learn and so do I. I love it!

AREA 44 Fitness

The heavy ropes. One of my favorite things to do.. to music and usually a long 7 minute song. Fun!

Ps don’t worry. I won’t make you do it.

Enjoy this lovely weekend! And ‘spring forward’ tonight with our clocks. Hooray!



Perfect Day for a Hike!

Malaga Cove, Palos Verdes


Do you ever feel in a bit of a funk? I did this morning but I just have way too much to be happy about and consider myself a super fortunate girl.

Sooo.. I didn’t dwell or procrastinate at all like last Sunday. In fact, I wrote on my calendar last Sunday to hike PV today. There. Committed. Decided. On my way. The second I started hiking up the trail, I was fine, content, and refreshed. I did the trail twice. Beautiful views don’t you think? It just doesn’t get old to me even with the clouds.

I think that we can all get in a funk lately to say the least, but I am lucky I always think. The biggest thing I have on my side is my good health. Others may not especially now so I really have nothing to feel down about. All I want to do is help as many people as possible to be healthier so that they can care for each other, animals, and nature better. Isn’t that what life’s about?

I hope you are enjoying your Sunday to the fullest and that you are taking good care of yourself. Any way that I can help inspire you, please let me know!



Jon never misses a session!


Meet my super fit client Jon, always consistent, runs regularly and works out with his 19 year old son when he’s home for summer from college at BU. He is a pleasure to train, very smart, successful, and a great guy with an awesome family. Recreation Park in El Segundo is one beautiful area with tons of space and fresh air so it has been a lifesaver this past year.

I hope you will stop by anytime and say hello. We have met plenty of families and dogs even a kitty or two. Our town is one friendly town!

See you soon,