Another success story!

Meet Stacy. This girl walks into our little boutique gym, asks to get on my calendar, is totally positive and consistent from the get go, and loses 3 sizes over about 4 months. That’s called doing it the right way, and I can tell that this is permanent. No fad diets, no crazy supplements, and with my safe, detailed training techniques, she’s healthy with no injuries and feels great. 

There are some pretty wild and out of control movements being taught in fitness these days especially ballistic, dangerous jumps like burpees, jumping jacks, box jumps and plain old jumping up and down. Are we reverting back to those dangerous days of the 80’s when we jumped on cement floors to get our heart rates up? I’ve been through that and would do it completely different now. Plyometrics need to be scientifically measured out for the client. And they aren’t an essential part of a beginner’s program or someone 50+ unless that client is in training for a sport that requires it. So be cautious of any program that includes loads of jumps please.