One of the reasons I do what I do! 

Below is from the February 2016 Longevity issue of Time magazine. Worth the read!

I encourage my high school friends and 50+ clients (as well as everyone I know) to get and stay healthy and strong, exercise more days than not, and stay social.. in person more than through social media.  The researchers also highly recommend a mostly plant-based diet.  


We’re our way to Mammoth but we were trying to cram in a look at the ‘Super Bloom’ in Death Valley but it would take us at least 2 hours out of our way. Dang. Next time! 


Zip line wine tasting!

After our 40th high school reunion last summer, August 2015, I thought ‘we can’t wait years before we get together again!’ So, I emailed 8 of my closest girlfriends and suggested a monthly activity or dinner or whatever and we take turns planning something.  


 They loved the idea! This was our second get together and what a blast it was! (Me here looking around at the vineyards).