This girl is amazing!

You have to see and hear what Lauren wrote. THIS is another of the hundreds of reasons I love what I do – train my clients. 5 new ones in one week and I enjoy them ALL! It is wild but not really. Everything is flowing and positive. I am so lucky! I hope you are to 🙌!

Meet Vivienne! She is turning her health around..

Laura! My stunning, fit client of 15 years.

Laura and I went to high school together. Wow. I’m lucky to know her for a lifetime. She is one quality girl!

With her step ups holding a 15lb dumbell, she needs to make sure her weight is on the back and outside of her foot for better balance, control and to activate her glutes while not over-stressing her knee. She brings the opposite leg up in front of her to about waist level and pauses emphasizing balance. Be sure if you do squats that your weight is also on the backs and outsides of your feet. I see far too many people coming forward onto the balls of their feet and that loads the knees unnecessarily.

On a side note, happily I think at age 63 we are both still defying our age. I know I do simply because I act like a kid most of the time. Kidding! But truthfully, I’m not kidding. I just love goofing around a little AND staying on top of my game as a Strength & Conditioning Specialist and Precision Nutrition Coach. I am also getting super busy and I’m super happy that everyone is taking charge of their fitness sooner than later. Hooray and Happy New Year again!

Inspiration for 2020!

Did you know who the youngest person and first African American to ever fly around the world was? And how it happened? A chance meeting with one man, one moment, in his parents’ bookstore clinched it. He went on to build a plane as a junior in college and fly around the world. He had 30 dollars in his pocket and named the plane ‘Inspiration’.

It was also one moment for me when I was 21, I was totally out of shape, when my girlfriends dragged me to an exercise class. Niecia was teaching, she was 35, and fit. I was done. That was it. I specifically remember saying to myself ‘I’m going to be like her’. In 6 months I had memorized her routine, was teaching for her, and changed my major from Dietetics to Athletic Training.

The reason I’m telling you these stories is that I always hope to do for you what she did for me: inspire you to get fit and be healthy everyday. I never, ever lose hope and have a passion for it.. and more.

I think we all can inspire each other everyday but you have to dig down deep and find your passion(s) and/or simply open your eyes and let them come to you. They are there and they will give you a reason to live.