Inspiration for 2020!

Did you know who the youngest person and first African American to ever fly around the world was? And how it happened? A chance meeting with one man, one moment, in his parents’ bookstore clinched it. He went on to build a plane as a junior in college and fly around the world. He had 30 dollars in his pocket and named the plane ‘Inspiration’.

It was also one moment for me when I was 21, I was totally out of shape, when my girlfriends dragged me to an exercise class. Niecia was teaching, she was 35, and fit. I was done. That was it. I specifically remember saying to myself ‘I’m going to be like her’. In 6 months I had memorized her routine, was teaching for her, and changed my major from Dietetics to Athletic Training.

The reason I’m telling you these stories is that I always hope to do for you what she did for me: inspire you to get fit and be healthy everyday. I never, ever lose hope and have a passion for it.. and more.

I think we all can inspire each other everyday but you have to dig down deep and find your passion(s) and/or simply open your eyes and let them come to you. They are there and they will give you a reason to live.

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