Fast Food Tips

Reportedly, 80% of Americans eat fast food. Wow. My advice simply put? Don’t. Some of my suggestions: do the ‘fast food’ salad and food bar at Whole Foods instead, or order ahead from Veggie Grill, or bring healthy leftovers from home. When you do this, notice how good it feels to truly take care of yourself.

Good morning!

Here’s a quick, delicious breakfast idea that is one of my favs: nonfat goat milk yogurt, Lavva yogurt, organic strawberries and blackberries, ground flax seed. The nutrients of the flax are better absorbed ground. Takes a minute to make and is packed with protein, complex carbs and limited saturated fats.
Remember, it’s very trendy right now to go low on carbs, but you may miss out on valuable fuel (complex carbs provide that) and valuable fiber (ditto). This very lo-carb trend I believe originated with fast food-type carbs. Don’t avoid them. Enjoy them.. the high quality carbs!