Balance, abs, shoulders, arms and chest all rolled into one exercise.


This is one of my most favorite exercises especially because it’s not that easy and it works so many different muscle groups. Plus, I love adding balance to complex movements. That requires another level of concentration and that’s fun to me. I can use this one for my surfer clients for sure and clients that are a bit more advanced and want to work their abs hard. But I do progress both types of clients with easier exercises to get them to this point safely.

Have fun!

Epic snow in Mammoth! The most snow in the country.


We were lucky enough to have a bluebird day in between storms last Monday. Plus, I hadn’t skied in 3 years but that didn’t matter. The key? I kept up with my workouts especially squats, lunges, and I’m sure sand running helped, too.

Do you want to be able to do all of your favorite things? I would love to help you do it. And it’s SO much fun to feel the freedom to be as active as ever. Let’s go!