A Few Workout Benefits!



Lateral squats with a med ball. Perfect form Bob!

My client Bob, age 56, wants overall fitness, decreased body fat, plus he wants to hit the golf ball farther. He’s a very good golfer and I know what to do.

I have to progress him slowly, build a base of strength first, then add, little by little, some dynamic power moves firing gluteus medius and abs but making sure it’s through a stable, strong core.

Here’s the deal with core training. Important!

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Stacy’s doing knee sways, super controlled always. The keys here👉she: ~keeps her spine stable on the mat when she moves through center. ~only goes as far as she can to the R & L keeping her shoulders flat/motionless. ~her abs control everything and dictate her ROM. 💥Remember: abs are meant to brace/function as stabilizers not move the ribcage toward the pelvis. This action rarely happens in sports and everyday activities. 💥Caution: those who actively flex the torso (crunch) suffer the most spine injuries! (Stuart McGill, PhD, Spine Researcher, U. of Waterloo, Canada) 💥Fun fact: that ‘6 pack look’ comes from the transverse tendons that make up the rectus abdominis and keep the muscle from pulling apart when the obliques contract. 💥Correct bracing exercises where you load the hips during weight training and generate power through the torso when the abs are used like springs create that look. 💥And then there are those who can create that 6 pack look doing all the wrong things (hooking feet, full sit ups, straight leg raises with back moving all over the place, bicycles with flailing legs/hips,… ) I hope you don’t do these! I don’t want to see you at 70, 80+ limping around and bent over or worse yet, having to have spine surgery. 💥Be careful! Questions? Let me know👇or DM for a Coaching Call or PT. . . #safeformiseverything #qualifiedpersonaltrainer #noinjuries #helpeachother #personaltrainer #strengthandconditioning #ihopetoinspireyou #ilovewhatido #elsegundo #manhattanbeach #hermosabeach #redondobeach #losangeles

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Check out Andrew doing walking rows. Getting stronger pre- hip replacement surgery..

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Andrew is doing a walking row: a fun, great multi-joint, multi-muscle, very functional exercise that is also excellent for strengthening posture especially if you sit a lot. 👉With a staggered stance, he performs a row (elbows just to his sides not beyond), he takes a step back, does another row, keeps alternating and goes as far out as the pulley will let him, and repeats here (pics) back toward the pulley with total control. He concentrates so well and does everything with such great intention. I love training him! . . #ilovewhatido #ihopetoinspireyou #posturetraining #stabilitytraining #strengthtraining #personaltrainer #nutritioncoach #jointhealth #elsegundo #manhattanbeach #hermosabeach #redondobeach #playavista #losangeles

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