My 75 year old client’s 20 year old knee replacement is still going strong.

I’ve been training Don for 12 years. His orthopedic doctor took 4 X-rays yesterday to check the I integrity of his right knee and found that it was strong and stable. He also said ‘keep doing what you’re doing and stick with her’. I knew we were on the right track. Great news! That makes me so happy.

The heavy ropes are a fun variation of a total body workout.

Keep your natural ability to squat. You were born with it!

Great article. I would add:

-the first part of a squat is a shifting backwards of the hips
-keep your weight in your heels and outsides of your feet
-hold abdominals tight to keep the chest lifted

I work with so many clients in regaining their ability to squat but not necessarily all clients can squat to the floor. That’s ok. We will work around any limitations.

Another one of my ‘Healthy Mind Games’