Core work just feels good.


I wanted to make up a new addition to one of my CSCS colleagues, Meghan Calloway’s, core exercises. Here I’m challenging my core to remain stable against the pull of my hip flexors (thanks Meghan!). Then I added a lateral toe touch where gluteus medius is activated while my core still remains in place and motionless. It’s a cool feeling and I love core work. The two together are a challenge, but a good challenge. 2 sets of 30 worked well for my first attempt.

I think of every exercise, whether it’s in an upright position like a squat or a lunge, or laying supine as in dead bug, a core exercise. So I focus on tightening and bracing my abs in order to stabilize my hips and back whenever I do my weight workout. And it works very well. This is a very effective way to think about it.

Like I tell any new client, the core often can be deconditioned. So, you may not feel it working very well at first. But with the proper exercises and practice, you will feel the tightening and good tension you’re seeking over time. And that’s awesome. That’s what you want. Basically the fitter and stronger you get, the MORE you will feel your abs working and stabilizing the lumbo pelvis complex.

My last very important note: our core is made up of simply everything but our arms and legs. Basically, they should be trained to stabilize the lumbo (lumbar spine) pelvic complex. It includes besides our abs and back our chest and glute muscles.

I hope you enjoyed this video. Have a great weekend!

Love, mk