The bottom line…

This was on a sign in big bold letters on the wall at the Marina Athletic Club years ago. Everyone loved Joe. He was an older man, a mascot of sorts.
The club is gone now due to the 90 freeway but man did we have fun there. It was like a family of people working out together. Big weightlifter guys and little fitness girls like myself and my friends who took my class that I taught there all mixed together working out and laughing. It was an indoor-outdoor club with a pool and it would rain on our heads sometimes when I taught. No one cared! We had a blast, but everyday I couldn’t help but read that sign. It always sunk in, big time. I hope it’s sinks in for you. Maybe you could keep it where you can look at it everyday. It is certainly the truth and the bottom line.

          Much love, MK

Outdoor workouts feel great!


Meet my client Katja. She wants to stay fit and not miss her sessions so she’s jumping in for park workouts to stay with it. 2 months of only running and she knows that she would lose valuable strength and running capacity, too. She hasn’t missed a beat and is so dedicated.. I love to see this!

We hope you’re staying healthy, fit, and motivated. ‘Cause it’s all about our health these days, literally, but it always has been for me after losing my Dad and stepfather, and then growing up with an RN Mom.

I always wanted to live forever! This life, the people in it and the animals, all of nature is worth living for. And when you have good health, you can do anything and everything you want to do.