Consistency is key

My client Jon doing a disc side bridge


My very fit 56 year old client Jon never misses a session. He trains with me twice a week and runs in between, plays golf with his college aged son, and works from home now.

He is really good about moving during the day and has a standing desk for his computer. Perfect! He’s been with me for, oh, about 3 years, maybe more. I tailor his workouts to compliment and strengthen his running, thinking about his foot plant and balance which is especially important for him. Core training is also very important..for everyone and for Jon.

Speaking of, with this side bridge, he has to start in a plank, pick up the disc, and rotate to the side and hold for 10 seconds, all the while with total lumbo pelvic stability which enhances spinal stability and control. It is, done right, a very valuable exercise and should always be performed slowly and mindfully. He can do two sets of 6 holding 10 seconds each side. I will progress him slowly with form always in the forefront of my mind. I also take into consideration mentality, stress levels, rest amounts, as well as prior workouts and any injuries as I train each client every session. We work together. It is always a fun, shared experience. I love what I do!