Oops! Broke my collarbone skiing.

And so I do right side workouts for the next 3ish weeks (I think that’s what I heard.. swear the doc didn’t say 6-8😳) I’m good! Gotta stay feeling healthy and fit. And I always think about those people who endure so much more and do unbelievable things. To me this is nothing. Mearly an eyeblink.


*Valuable Stats on Diabetes

Thank you Julianna Hever, MS, RD, CPT for keeping us all abreast of the latest in nutrition!

This is vital, important information for Americans especially. And with the Keto trend not losing strength, please be so careful with everything you eat. I always say ‘It’s so short in your mouth but long on/in your body’. AND you can change habits gradually if you want it bad enough. It’s worth it!

I get SO many questions about nutrition, popular diets and trends. I follow Julianna, aka the ‘plant dietician’, on all social media. She is one very qualified expert who can provide us all with the real truth about healthy eating.