Check out my Potato Enchilada at Sausal!

When you stick to pure, fresh veggies and beautiful, colorful food, unpackaged & unprocessed, chances are you will improve your health, keep your weight down, and feel more energetic. Isn’t that worth it?

Ok so how exactly do you sift through the choices on the menu and stay on course? You think ‘Oh man, that burger sounds good’ and it comes with fries of course. But you think ‘I need to lose 15 lbs. and I’ve been trying for so long…’

It’s usually either ‘Eh, forget it. I want the burger’. Or ‘I’ve been working so hard and walking and lifting regularly, I don’t want to blow it now!’

Which one are you?

My advice: slow your mind down, look at how far you’ve come and or how far you’d like to go, then flash forward to this time next year. Picture yourself as you’d like to look and feel then.

Think about that.

Acknowledge that this food (as calorie-laden as it is) will be in your mouth for such a short time, BUT it will be LONG on your body. This is how I used to think when I wanted to lose a bit of weight (won’t tell you how much ’cause you may hate me) and I still do.. think this way. If it’s a bad choice in front of me, I flash forward really quickly now to all of the above thoughts and choose healthy. All the time. It’s a habit. Now it’s easy and automatic.

I keep a certain standard of healthy eating always, wherever I go, no matter what and no matter what everyone else eats. This is key – not bowing to pressure from those around you.

But that also means no forbidden foods or else, dietitians say, that you will tend to focus on them until you have them. That gives them power.

So relax, eat what you want, the burger (very infrequently), and take 1/2 home, and enjoy it. Plus, eat from a small plate, and slowly.

We did have chips and guacamole and wine here, too. But you can when you eat a super healthy, yummy main course like this! Heck, ya gotta have fun but just not go nutty and lose control until it becomes a habit. āœ… done. Easy. And my mentality stays on course. Again, āœ… done. Easy.


*Valuable Stats on Diabetes

Thank you Julianna Hever, MS, RD, CPT for keeping us all abreast of the latest in nutrition!

This is vital, important information for Americans especially. And with the Keto trend not losing strength, please be so careful with everything you eat. I always say ‘It’s so short in your mouth but long on/in your body’. AND you can change habits gradually if you want it bad enough. It’s worth it!

I get SO many questions about nutrition, popular diets and trends. I follow Julianna, aka the ‘plant dietician’, on all social media. She is one very qualified expert who can provide us all with the real truth about healthy eating.