Working on Posture and Balance


Are you working from home like so many people? So is Theary. My main concern with her is keeping her posture from suffering as she works remotely all day with long hours. These rows help her keep her upper back muscles and shoulders strong hence her posture will improve. She will be less prone to back, neck and shoulder pain, too. She trains 3 days/week with me which will get her fit pretty fast. I also counsel her on nutrition as part of planned appointments.

Of course with gym still closed in SoCal, our park works perfectly with plenty of shady spots, and I’ve got a bunch of equipment including dumbbells, medicine balls, the TLoop shown here, bands, balance disks and mats.

It’s September this week (5 months have gone!) so please call me if you’ve fallen off of your workouts, or lost inspiration. We’ll inspire each other I’m sure of it! Appointments available. Scheduling is actually easier now.

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Pat turns 74 tomorrow and she’s back in action.. hooray!

Squat rows


Here, Pat is doing two sets of 20 squat rows, one of my fav go-to exercises, in the park. Her doctor diagnosed her with osteopenia in her thoracic vertebrae, a weakening of her bones due to lost bone mass. She’s got to get going with her weight training since her senior center classes stopped in order to help prevent loss of posture and possible pain in her back. Plus, she needs the overload of heavier weights to affect a change in the integrity of her vertebrae.

I will gradually progress her to 10, 12, and 15 lb dumbbells. Working with 3’s and 5’s back in her classes won’t get her much stronger. She is driven to improve and stay as healthy as possible. Good for her! I love that in my clients.

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