Deadlifts with my client Katja


Here Katja is working glutes, hamstrings, calves, abs as well as her back muscles (isometrically). This exercise must be performed properly or it can be quite dangerous. And please progress slowly with the weights (dumbbells or bar). I mostly see deadlifts done with atrocious form that can injure the back. Yikes! Please message me if you have any questions about weight training form or how to begin any training. I am also available for nutrition coaching.



What’s in your fridge?


I just LOVE my refrigerator stocked with healthy, mostly plant based food. It makes me so happy! Only great choices here and when you do that, it becomes addicting really. Plus eating like this keeps me fit, lean and energized. Try it! And if you have trouble, let me know. I can take you grocery shopping. Fun!