Confused about what to eat to be healthy and lose weight? Choose nature-made Whole Foods not man-made. It’s that simple.

Balance fun!

There’s athletic, fun balance training like this for surfers and golfers to name a few. And then there’s also crucial balance training like standing on one leg, and walking and navigating twists and turns outside on sidewalks, while gardening, etc. I make sure my clients, regardless of their age, train balance skills to prevent falls because this can happen to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Fast, healthy, affordable meal idea!

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Time for my go-to egg ‘n veggie taco with super grains and watercress, avo + spices. Time it took to make: 8 minutes. Cost: oh maybe a buck. Really, it’s so darn easy. My clients always wonder how to eat healthy on the run. The key? Just keep wholesome, colorful food choices within reach from @wholefoods. Then when you open your fridge, you can literally throw together super healthy little meals (post sand jog on a Sunday!) I would much rather do this than go out to breakfast on the weekends, (never choose fast food) wait for my meal, and take a chance that it’s organic and full of superfoods. All I want to do on a day like this is have my French press coffee, a bite of fruit and get down to the beach. The taco is a yummy way to refuel. 👉Look for an ab post later today at the request of my clients. Enjoy! . . . #worldtrainer #leadership #successfulmindset #fitnessmotivation #superfoods #eatyourveggies @wholefoods #organicfood #foodlover #homemade #notachef #kombucha #personaltrainer #fitness #elsegundo #manhattanbeach #redondobeach #playavista #losangeles #entrepreneurlifestyle #sundayfunday #sundayvibes #becauseisaidiwould 💃🌱🐾

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Check out a stepping chop by my client of 15+ years. She embodies health!