Check out Andrew doing walking rows. Getting stronger pre- hip replacement surgery..

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Andrew is doing a walking row: a fun, great multi-joint, multi-muscle, very functional exercise that is also excellent for strengthening posture especially if you sit a lot. 👉With a staggered stance, he performs a row (elbows just to his sides not beyond), he takes a step back, does another row, keeps alternating and goes as far out as the pulley will let him, and repeats here (pics) back toward the pulley with total control. He concentrates so well and does everything with such great intention. I love training him! . . #ilovewhatido #ihopetoinspireyou #posturetraining #stabilitytraining #strengthtraining #personaltrainer #nutritioncoach #jointhealth #elsegundo #manhattanbeach #hermosabeach #redondobeach #playavista #losangeles

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