Meet Vivienne! She is turning her health around..

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Meet Vivienne! When she came to me she had never worked out, and was using a cane. Now look at her! Standing on one leg while performing rows? What?!! I wasn’t totally sure she could do these on Friday but she amazed me and kept her balance almost flawlessly. A little wobble but she did it. As a smart engineer, retired, having sat at a desk her whole life, she is now 64, full of hope, and is totally changing her health around. She is staying consistent (6 months with me so far) and is jazzed about getting fit. To me she represents so many retired people who are probably intimidated like she was, and sitting at home with a slew of aches and pains that they don’t have to have at all. Exercising taught properly and done consistently (more days ON than OFF remember) works wonders!!! #exercisemotivation #stayyoungatheart #gettingolderdoesnthavetosuck #alwaysbeakid #movementiskey #personaltrainer #ilovethis #ilovehelpingpeoplefeelbetter #ilovehelpingotherssucceed

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