A few testimonials…

“I’ve trained with MK for years and I only have the best things to say about her both personally and professionally. If you want to get in shape and need that extra push to reach your fitness goals she’s definitely the trainer for you! If you want to waste an hour and your money pretending to work out you should probably look elsewhere. MK will push you to your limit–but isn’t that why you sought a trainer in the first place?! Her workouts encompass all of the elements you need: balance, strength, agility and flexibility. Plus she’s a great resource for nutrition advice. If you’ve got an injury she’s won’t just ignore it like most trainers. Instead she’ll work with you to strengthen the areas around it to help you avoid future injury. Oh and did I mention that she’s super fun too?! If you’re committed to making a change but need a little (or a lot!) of help getting there I highly recommend MK!” ~ Claire Mesirov, Senior Analyst, Kaiser Permanente

“MK workouts (the) best… I shot a 78 today so whatever we are doing is working… feel much more confident and stable over the ball” ~ Bob Baker, BMW Realty, golfer

“I got an 84 last week which is pretty good for me. Must have been that medicine ball catch.” ~ Andy Sun, owner Sun, Tatung USA, golfer

me at A44

“Please know that you are by far the best trainer I’ve ever been to! I will continue to recommend you to everyone. Warmly, Vicki” ~ Vicki Gardner, retired

Finally, our 40th high school reunion…whoa!

mk selfie

What an incredible night last night to say the least! It makes me happy to see so many old friends. Growing up in Manhattan and Hermosa Beach bonded us for life. It was awesome!

It also makes me realise how much I have left to do in addition to spreading the word on health & fitness. So…

Look at what I get to attend tomorrow night?!  Thanks to my friend Tracy St. John who has been one of the speakers/volunteers with RAM, we will be there. Road trip to Santa Barbara–hooray!! I’ve been craving to find a cause that helps animals, the climate, people, our land, our food, and our health prosper. They help people and animals (have vets on hand) by bringing medical services to remote areas of the world. The film presents ‘extraordinary stories’ of people in our own country in dior need of medical attention. This is the real state of health care in modern America.

Check it out when you get the chance.

Remote Area Medical Invite

Super healthy, quick breakfast!

It’s true: one of THE most important habits you can develop is eating breakfast. And you CAN change habits and develop new ones if you truly want to. Here’s the thing that you may already know: after sleeping a typical 8 hours, we all need fuel including water to rev up our bodies. But so many of us don’t feel hungry. Think of it like this: you’re investing in your good health, losing body fat, and keeping your energy level up by eating a small breakfast. It’s that important! Here’s an examaple: my new client Joe told me that his first ‘meal’ is at 11 o’clock. He goes to bed around 11 so that’s 12 hours without food. His system has slowed dramatically, and with 40 pounds to lose and post- open heart surgery at age 49, in my mind he just can’t screw around anymore. We’ve all heard that eating small meals is the best way to eat. Well, it is! That’s the way to get lean and stay energized. No one likes to feel sluggish. Do you? I don’t. And if you find it difficult to do, just practice and it will become a habit. Try not to think in terms of ‘meals’. I’ll even grab a small bite of some tasty leftover in between clients, or down an apple or a small handful (very small) of almonds or walnuts. Boom…done. In fact I used to hate walnuts but knowing how healthy they are, I’ve grown to love them. So, here’s a breakfast suggestion: 2 eggs, small piece of red chard, 2 falafels and 2 kale cakes from Whole Foods, cooked in a little water and olive oil topped with broccolini and shedded cheese. All organic of course! Total time from pan to my cute, little plate:breakfast 7 minutes. Easy! (P.S. I use this plate all the time because it makes my food look scrumptous and beautiful which makes cooking, for me, more fun). (P.S.S. I can’t believe I actually like to cook…a habit that I have worked hard to change!)

Training Lexie

Lexie is back after falling off over the holidays…typical of so many people. But I have to say, my clients kept me pretty busy this season actually and I love that!

Do you find yourself starting and stopping your fitness regimen? Are you already falling off and it’s only January? What I tell my clients is this: jot your workouts down. Keep the description very brief. Your chances of staying consistent soars, studies show. Once you’ve found at least 2 activities that you like, this will also help keep your interest. This is how I stay consistent. Then, it’s easy because I never ‘fall off’ and get out of shape…SO much easier than starting and stopping! The slogan ‘Just Do It’ is truly the best. It’s the ‘thinkiing about it’, the ‘I don’t feel like working out’, or the ‘do I have enough time?’ that makes people fall off track, because by the time you’ve dilemma’d (is that a word?), you could have done at least a short workout. And you would feel fantastic, keep the coonsitency, and see changes.Lerxie lifting