A few testimonials…

“I’ve trained with MK for years and I only have the best things to say about her both personally and professionally. If you want to get in shape and need that extra push to reach your fitness goals she’s definitely the trainer for you! If you want to waste an hour and your money pretending to work out you should probably look elsewhere. MK will push you to your limit–but isn’t that why you sought a trainer in the first place?! Her workouts encompass all of the elements you need: balance, strength, agility and flexibility. Plus she’s a great resource for nutrition advice. If you’ve got an injury she’s won’t just ignore it like most trainers. Instead she’ll work with you to strengthen the areas around it to help you avoid future injury. Oh and did I mention that she’s super fun too?! If you’re committed to making a change but need a little (or a lot!) of help getting there I highly recommend MK!” ~ Claire Mesirov, Senior Analyst, Kaiser Permanente

“MK workouts (the) best… I shot a 78 today so whatever we are doing is working… feel much more confident and stable over the ball” ~ Bob Baker, BMW Realty, golfer

“I got an 84 last week which is pretty good for me. Must have been that medicine ball catch.” ~ Andy Sun, owner Sun, Tatung USA, golfer

me at A44

“Please know that you are by far the best trainer I’ve ever been to! I will continue to recommend you to everyone. Warmly, Vicki” ~ Vicki Gardner, retired

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