Finally, our 40th high school reunion…whoa!

mk selfie

What an incredible night last night to say the least! It makes me happy to see so many old friends. Growing up in Manhattan and Hermosa Beach bonded us for life. It was awesome!

It also makes me realise how much I have left to do in addition to spreading the word on health & fitness. So…

Look at what I get to attend tomorrow night?!  Thanks to my friend Tracy St. John who has been one of the speakers/volunteers with RAM, we will be there. Road trip to Santa Barbara–hooray!! I’ve been craving to find a cause that helps animals, the climate, people, our land, our food, and our health prosper. They help people and animals (have vets on hand) by bringing medical services to remote areas of the world. The film presents ‘extraordinary stories’ of people in our own country in dior need of medical attention. This is the real state of health care in modern America.

Check it out when you get the chance.

Remote Area Medical Invite

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