Training Lexie

Lexie is back after falling off over the holidays…typical of so many people. But I have to say, my clients kept me pretty busy this season actually and I love that!

Do you find yourself starting and stopping your fitness regimen? Are you already falling off and it’s only January? What I tell my clients is this: jot your workouts down. Keep the description very brief. Your chances of staying consistent soars, studies show. Once you’ve found at least 2 activities that you like, this will also help keep your interest. This is how I stay consistent. Then, it’s easy because I never ‘fall off’ and get out of shape…SO much easier than starting and stopping! The slogan ‘Just Do It’ is truly the best. It’s the ‘thinkiing about it’, the ‘I don’t feel like working out’, or the ‘do I have enough time?’ that makes people fall off track, because by the time you’ve dilemma’d (is that a word?), you could have done at least a short workout. And you would feel fantastic, keep the coonsitency, and see changes.Lerxie lifting

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