My family vacation at the new cottage!

We swam, ran, walked, SUP’d, played pickleball, rode bikes, and ate healthy. Feels good!
We love being as active as possible
Happy me holding my great niece finally!


I hope you are having a fun and healthy, active summer! We tend to just keep it going and share lots of activities. That’s just how we’ve always done things.

My MD brother and I always hoped that our fitness lifestyles would rub off on the kids, my nephews and nieces, and luckily it did. You can do this, too. Setting a healthy example is the way to go. We don’t give in on trips and overindulge. Sure there’s always chips around, good wine with dinner, a cocktail here ‘n there, and of course an occasional desert, but it’s all in keeping with staying healthy. Check done! We just want to feel good and get the most out of our time together.

Love and wishing you good health,


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