Yes! It doesn’t always have to be the other way around. You don’t have to wait (for weeks, months, the first of the years or years, your whole life) to feel inspired in order to make a move.

Try just starting and often the amazing feelings of inspiration just pop out of nowhere. You simply just build on that since the moment of beginning something new has been broken, in two!

Many thanks to the NYT bestselling author Mark Manson for writing a book I cannot put down and will start over as soon as I’m done! (Ps dragging it out. Don’t want to finish haha!)

What my older clients would say to my younger clients…

I am probably what they, whomever ‘they’ are, call ‘older’ I guess. I’m 63. It is always kinda weird to say that I am 60 anything and just when I was getting used to saying 50 whatever. Anyway, I can relate sort of (denial here) to my clients who are around my age and older. I know them well, and I think that they would say (plus I’ve heard them say) most of these things:

-start exercising now. I don’t care if you don’t like to. Do it!

-don’t do what I did and wait to take good care of yourself. Eat healthy and exercise everyday. I have plenty of money, am retired now, but I have had a triple bypass, 2 stents, and it’s scary. I am trying to regain my health. I shouldn’t have waited. I should have exercised more.

-keep your joints strong while you’re young. You’ll want them to last.

-hire a qualified trainer and never miss a session. Priorities, priorities!

-lose that weight that you’ve always wanted to lose. Don’t carry around 25, 30 extra pounds. It hurts!

-don’t take your health for granted.

-I don’t know what to do with all of this stuff I have and am selling my 4 bedroom house ’cause I don’t need it anymore. I’d rather spend time with my high school sweetheart now. It’s the most important thing.

-I wish I could hike still but my knees are bad ’cause I didn’t keep fit. Keep fit! And lose weight.

I am sure there’s more so this is just the tip of the iceberg but you get the jist.

By the way, the kindness tree is because I do this out of kindness and I love what these kids did. They attend my elementary school which makes me feel sentimental. I just loved it when I saw it yesterday.

❤️Love, me

Beautiful day for a sand run!

Even though it was soooo chilly outside, I promised myself to a run. So I had to do what so many other fit people have to do: not let those hesitating, negative thoughts in and just GO! And guess what? It was so worth it. My mood is always lifted plus I ran into a couple of people I didn’t know who had the same experience. That made my choice worth it in every way!

I hope you enjoy your day.

This girl is amazing!

You have to see and hear what Lauren wrote. THIS is another of the hundreds of reasons I love what I do – train my clients. 5 new ones in one week and I enjoy them ALL! It is wild but not really. Everything is flowing and positive. I am so lucky! I hope you are to 🙌!

Meet Vivienne! She is turning her health around..

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Meet Vivienne! When she came to me she had never worked out, and was using a cane. Now look at her! Standing on one leg while performing rows? What?!! I wasn’t totally sure she could do these on Friday but she amazed me and kept her balance almost flawlessly. A little wobble but she did it. As a smart engineer, retired, having sat at a desk her whole life, she is now 64, full of hope, and is totally changing her health around. She is staying consistent (6 months with me so far) and is jazzed about getting fit. To me she represents so many retired people who are probably intimidated like she was, and sitting at home with a slew of aches and pains that they don’t have to have at all. Exercising taught properly and done consistently (more days ON than OFF remember) works wonders!!! #exercisemotivation #stayyoungatheart #gettingolderdoesnthavetosuck #alwaysbeakid #movementiskey #personaltrainer #ilovethis #ilovehelpingpeoplefeelbetter #ilovehelpingotherssucceed

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Laura! My stunning, fit client of 15 years.

Laura and I went to high school together. Wow. I’m lucky to know her for a lifetime. She is one quality girl!

With her step ups holding a 15lb dumbell, she needs to make sure her weight is on the back and outside of her foot for better balance, control and to activate her glutes while not over-stressing her knee. She brings the opposite leg up in front of her to about waist level and pauses emphasizing balance. Be sure if you do squats that your weight is also on the backs and outsides of your feet. I see far too many people coming forward onto the balls of their feet and that loads the knees unnecessarily.

On a side note, happily I think at age 63 we are both still defying our age. I know I do simply because I act like a kid most of the time. Kidding! But truthfully, I’m not kidding. I just love goofing around a little AND staying on top of my game as a Strength & Conditioning Specialist and Precision Nutrition Coach. I am also getting super busy and I’m super happy that everyone is taking charge of their fitness sooner than later. Hooray and Happy New Year again!