My new vid for Providence St. John’s Health Center. I’m 60! Woohoo!

It’s finished! I am SO excited to publish this video. They sent a crew from Oregon and we filmed all day. What a great team of people! It was a blast. And I just turned 60 in December.

I can tell you that I am thankful that I studied exercise science and stayed in shape all throughout my life or my recovery would not have been nearly as easy. And I wouldn’t have been able to do all of my sports, or been able to as easily played with my niece and nephews growing up plus all of the neighbor kids that I love! I can say firsthand that the sooner you lose weight (if you have to) and get strong and fit, the better. So don’t wait each year until next year my friends! The time is now.

I love doing what I do!

My main goal is to make a difference in people’s lives. A woman named Neicie did just that for me. When I was 21, I came back from an 8 week ski trip to Idaho and couldn’t put my jeans on! I had gained 15 lbs. I didn’t know what to do. I was sad around my girlfriends and so frustrated. So they dragged me to a dance-exercise class and one look at this 35 year old, amazingly fit woman named Neicie made turn my life around. I remember telling myself ‘I’m going to be like her’. In 6 months I was teaching her class. She was awesome!
I hope to help you attain your goals while giving you some of my positive energy and spirit, and passion that I have for exercise, keeping healthy and living life!

Me doing a few, last minute squat-rows!

So after opening the gym at 6, I buzzed home real quick (luckily I live nearby), grabbed a bite (always healthy stuff at my house), and jammed back to get in a couple of sets of these, two sets of walking lunges with a twist with a 15 lb Med ball, two sets of narrow grip hanging reverse rows and one set of Hanger knee tucks before my clients all start coming in. Then lunch with my girlfriend and jam back to train afternoon clients plus finish up my weight training day. 

You know, it was kind of a chilly day and I could have gone home (I hadn’t showered yet),  but I had it in my mind to do all of my lifting so I did. And when you have that little goal for yourself for the day, you flash to being done, and how good it feels mentally as well as physically. So you ‘Just Do It!’ Best line ever. 

Enjoy your day always!  MK

How this girl lost 30 lbs.

Here is the short answer: she wanted it badly enough so she changed her attitude and hence her life. The bad habits followed and in came the good habits. 
On the verge of age 55, she felt she had to do something different. She wasn’t feeling vibrant,she had low energy and she had weight to lose. There was no denying that. There was no miracle diet or workout routine here, but she did tell me that ‘that one time about 4 years ago when I ran into you running…’. I got a private message on Facebook out of the blue and the workouts started. Funny, we go back 25 years, too! I was so happy to have her back in my life. She’s a gem. 

I will never take credit for someone’s success. Sure I certainly can shorten the time it takes to get fit and strong, I can help you with your injuries and guide you in eating healthier. But I give all of the credit to my clients for coming to me in the first place. That’s key. Here’s to another true success story. I love what I do!

Meet Michelle, in her 50’s, one of my 4 new clients, showing strength and grace. 

So one day in November, I get a call from a girl who found me on Yelp. I walk into the studio the next day to meet her and start training and she says, ‘MK?’ Wow. She used to work at the front desk of our little Playa Del Rey ‘Fitness Studio’ my girlfriend and I owned way back when we were 21. Amazing! I was pleasantly surprised to say the least. It’s one of the best things about what I do.. reconnecting with friends and keeping them going, watching them become healthier, fitter, and happier than ever. Another true success story!