Me ‘n the boys!


Today at these clients’ lunch breaks we all worked out and had fun. Casey with his broken finger (in two places no less – yeouch!), Ahmood working his squat power, and Matt rehabbing his hyperextended ankle (chest up a tad more), and moi all over the place working a little of everything today.

The vibe is excellent here always! So casual and unassuming. Easy going yet we work hard but with good, safe form. I’ll always offer tips anytime, any day if you need it.


Deadlifts with my client Katja


Here Katja is working glutes, hamstrings, calves, abs as well as her back muscles (isometrically). This exercise must be performed properly or it can be quite dangerous. And please progress slowly with the weights (dumbbells or bar). I mostly see deadlifts done with atrocious form that can injure the back. Yikes! Please message me if you have any questions about weight training form or how to begin any training. I am also available for nutrition coaching.



Happy Labor Day Weekend!


Just getting back from this amazing place with my best girlfriend ever. You can see why I go every year for the past 25+. We SUP’d (Stand up paddled) every day, hiked, watched the baby Osprey get her wings, ate great food and drank fantastic organic Chardonnays, plus rowed the canoe over to our neighbors for dinners.

What a fantastic time! All love, all laughs, and all good vibes with everyone, everyday. I swear it couldn’t have been better except that it went by too fast.

Cheers and have a great rest of tour holiday weekend!

Love, mk