Beautiful, delicious food!


Check out this gorgeous salad my client made for me last night along with wine, Salmon and fresh organic asparagus.. wow! It was absolutely delicious. The great thing is that we both eat plant based everywhere we go. There is so much incredibly tasty plant based food to discover. And the best thing for me is that it makes me feel healthy, and that’s #1 for me. Without that, you’ve got nothing. Think about it.. what a worry. I remember that since a friend of mine is very ill right now.

I’ve had a couple of health scares in my life that turned out insignificant, and I remember thinking ‘I would trade all of the other problems I have for my health.’ So I always remind myself of that daily. It makes it easy to leave out meat totally. Plus I love all animals way too much. And they all bond, have families, and can feel sad or happy and free… hence an easy choice for their health and mine. Then I also nurture myself with nature and animals everyday, my kitty especially.

I hope you’re having a beautiful weekend!



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