Keeping a Balance

Niner Winery, Paso Robles, CA


As I thought would happen, I’ve gotten pretty darn busy with new clients especially with the vaccine rollout. I am happy about that to be sure and am training 6-7 days/week. But I also need to keep a healthy balance in my life. I needed a blast of pure nature for a weekend.

So my girlfriend and long time client and I took off up the coast for a quick get away in Paso and Cambria. It’s perfect there right now.. cool with fewer people, great, healthy farm to table, fresh, delicious food, guaranteed incredible wines, and we laughed all weekend!

I need nature daily in my life, so the coast and the hillsides are an easy pick up in NorCal. We had a blast! We walked everywhere and ate super healthy as always. That’s hers and my style even on vacation. It just feels good. The fresh air, trees, gardens, birds, and super nice people topped it all off. Wonderful! This combo always inspires me.

Enjoy! Stay healthy and I hope you can escape and get out in your favorite nature-filled place often.



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