Practicing ankle circles!


Haha.. my expression is so serious it’s funny. Oh well. Who cares.

I was taking a video while waiting for a call from this producer and decided to post this clip for fun. I’m going to do an interview and demo for an ABC show about home workouts during Covid and how I pivoted with my workouts and clientele. They’re spotlighting trainers. Fun stuff.

Personally, I always keep going with my workouts. As for my clients, I took them to the beach with my equipment, then when that closed, we went to the park. Easy. Problem solved. We all kept healthy and safe. And it didn’t take much but a couple of med balls, dumbbells, an NT Loop, foam roller, balance disc, and mat. Voila! Onward and upward! The clients that chose to keep scheduling stayed very healthy, fit and strong. I am so happy for them. I hope to see my remaining clients soon. And I hope you all have stayed consistent with being active and taking good care of yourselves. It helps keep that forward inertia (a body that stays in motion..) going mentally and physically. Remember the mental training that comes with keeping consistent. My client Jon wanted me to post this. He never misses a session. This is more important for us all now more than ever.

Love, Mk.

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