Strength Training is SO Important for Older Seniors


Everyone is older than someone. I like to frame it like that rather than categorize a person like myself as older, or senior, because a lot of people are older than me and many are younger. Regardless, whether you’re 30, 40, 60, or 80, unless your lifestyle consists of lifting and pulling and moving, strength training is invaluable to your physical health especially joint health, balance, endurance, and mobility.

The Lake.

The key is this: strength training helps preserve precious muscle mass which we need into old age. It helps to keep joints strong and helps you stay lean. And we all want both of these things because being overweight or having weak muscles can lead to bad falls and injuries which can be debilitating and possibly land us in the hospital.

So if you’re simply walking, it is best to also incorporate proper weight training at least two days per week or it is likely that you will end up losing muscle. That’s because our bodies get used to doing the same thing day in and day out so energy is conserved. We end up expending less energy doing the same exercise. Remember also, we are always aging so we are also always losing muscle. The challenge, which I think is fun, is keeping muscle on.

I always get excited about helping my clients do just that and seeing their improvements. Balance, posture and strength go hand in hand. And the positive effects happen pretty quickly but can also disappear fast if you’re not consistent. So map out a plan with your trainer and keep a log. The results are worth it.

Enjoy and thanks for reading!


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