The bottom line…

This was on a sign in big bold letters on the wall at the Marina Athletic Club years ago. Everyone loved Joe. He was an older man, a mascot of sorts.
The club is gone now due to the 90 freeway but man did we have fun there. It was like a family of people working out together. Big weightlifter guys and little fitness girls like myself and my friends who took my class that I taught there all mixed together working out and laughing. It was an indoor-outdoor club with a pool and it would rain on our heads sometimes when I taught. No one cared! We had a blast, but everyday I couldn’t help but read that sign. It always sunk in, big time. I hope it’s sinks in for you. Maybe you could keep it where you can look at it everyday. It is certainly the truth and the bottom line.

          Much love, MK

Outdoor workouts feel great!


Meet my client Katja. She wants to stay fit and not miss her sessions so she’s jumping in for park workouts to stay with it. 2 months of only running and she knows that she would lose valuable strength and running capacity, too. She hasn’t missed a beat and is so dedicated.. I love to see this!

We hope you’re staying healthy, fit, and motivated. ‘Cause it’s all about our health these days, literally, but it always has been for me after losing my Dad and stepfather, and then growing up with an RN Mom.

I always wanted to live forever! This life, the people in it and the animals, all of nature is worth living for. And when you have good health, you can do anything and everything you want to do.


Training at the Park! *Announcing: Telecoaching Sessions via FaceTime*

In a pinch, ya do whatcha gotta do so I figured out how to keep my clients going since the beaches are closed.
And they’re all in! I’m so happy about that. About two or three have stayed away and that’s fine. It’s personal. I get it. We’re keeping a safe 6 ft (at least) distance and my equipment is absolutely clean after every session, and hands washed.
Being outside in nature is ideal and healthy in every way. It’s keeping our bodies, immune systems, and minds strong. Join me. One on one only.
**Also offering Telecoaching sessions via FaceTime. 30min & 1 hour. 10 session packages available. Scheduling is easy now. For more info, you can contact me at : or 310.721.1468
Let me help you stay healthy. That is my goal for all of us.
See you soon,
Love, MK

Taking clients at the beach!

Squatting vs Sitting

My client Jon sent this to me today. I thought I’d share it with you since I found it so interesting. I find that many people still have a stigma, a negative reaction to the idea of doing squats.

But when I explain to them that 1. no they are not bad for your knees 2. we will do them in a modified ROM if need be 3. you already do them many times a day in life – getting up and down from a chair, in and out of a car, etc., they relax.

I’ve been teaching squats for 30+ years I add, and it isn’t long before they get excited at how well they’re doing them and how much it is helping their walking, running, skiing, everything. This excites me! Wow, I always think, the body still amazes me how quickly it adapts.

I hope you take a minute to read it. Thanks and enjoy!

Sitting Is Bad for Our Health. Should We Squat More Instead?

Check out my Potato Enchilada at Sausal!

When you stick to pure, fresh veggies and beautiful, colorful food, unpackaged & unprocessed, chances are you will improve your health, keep your weight down, and feel more energetic. Isn’t that worth it?

Ok so how exactly do you sift through the choices on the menu and stay on course? You think ‘Oh man, that burger sounds good’ and it comes with fries of course. But you think ‘I need to lose 15 lbs. and I’ve been trying for so long…’

It’s usually either ‘Eh, forget it. I want the burger’. Or ‘I’ve been working so hard and walking and lifting regularly, I don’t want to blow it now!’

Which one are you?

My advice: slow your mind down, look at how far you’ve come and or how far you’d like to go, then flash forward to this time next year. Picture yourself as you’d like to look and feel then.

Think about that.

Acknowledge that this food (as calorie-laden as it is) will be in your mouth for such a short time, BUT it will be LONG on your body. This is how I used to think when I wanted to lose a bit of weight (won’t tell you how much ’cause you may hate me) and I still do.. think this way. If it’s a bad choice in front of me, I flash forward really quickly now to all of the above thoughts and choose healthy. All the time. It’s a habit. Now it’s easy and automatic.

I keep a certain standard of healthy eating always, wherever I go, no matter what and no matter what everyone else eats. This is key – not bowing to pressure from those around you.

But that also means no forbidden foods or else, dietitians say, that you will tend to focus on them until you have them. That gives them power.

So relax, eat what you want, the burger (very infrequently), and take 1/2 home, and enjoy it. Plus, eat from a small plate, and slowly.

We did have chips and guacamole and wine here, too. But you can when you eat a super healthy, yummy main course like this! Heck, ya gotta have fun but just not go nutty and lose control until it becomes a habit. ✅ done. Easy. And my mentality stays on course. Again, ✅ done. Easy.



Yes! It doesn’t always have to be the other way around. You don’t have to wait (for weeks, months, the first of the years or years, your whole life) to feel inspired in order to make a move.

Try just starting and often the amazing feelings of inspiration just pop out of nowhere. You simply just build on that since the moment of beginning something new has been broken, in two!

Many thanks to the NYT bestselling author Mark Manson for writing a book I cannot put down and will start over as soon as I’m done! (Ps dragging it out. Don’t want to finish haha!)

What my older clients would say to my younger clients…

I am probably what they, whomever ‘they’ are, call ‘older’ I guess. I’m 63. It is always kinda weird to say that I am 60 anything and just when I was getting used to saying 50 whatever. Anyway, I can relate sort of (denial here) to my clients who are around my age and older. I know them well, and I think that they would say (plus I’ve heard them say) most of these things:

-start exercising now. I don’t care if you don’t like to. Do it!

-don’t do what I did and wait to take good care of yourself. Eat healthy and exercise everyday. I have plenty of money, am retired now, but I have had a triple bypass, 2 stents, and it’s scary. I am trying to regain my health. I shouldn’t have waited. I should have exercised more.

-keep your joints strong while you’re young. You’ll want them to last.

-hire a qualified trainer and never miss a session. Priorities, priorities!

-lose that weight that you’ve always wanted to lose. Don’t carry around 25, 30 extra pounds. It hurts!

-don’t take your health for granted.

-I don’t know what to do with all of this stuff I have and am selling my 4 bedroom house ’cause I don’t need it anymore. I’d rather spend time with my high school sweetheart now. It’s the most important thing.

-I wish I could hike still but my knees are bad ’cause I didn’t keep fit. Keep fit! And lose weight.

I am sure there’s more so this is just the tip of the iceberg but you get the jist.

By the way, the kindness tree is because I do this out of kindness and I love what these kids did. They attend my elementary school which makes me feel sentimental. I just loved it when I saw it yesterday.

❤️Love, me

Beautiful day for a sand run!

Even though it was soooo chilly outside, I promised myself to a run. So I had to do what so many other fit people have to do: not let those hesitating, negative thoughts in and just GO! And guess what? It was so worth it. My mood is always lifted plus I ran into a couple of people I didn’t know who had the same experience. That made my choice worth it in every way!

I hope you enjoy your day.

This girl is amazing!

You have to see and hear what Lauren wrote. THIS is another of the hundreds of reasons I love what I do – train my clients. 5 new ones in one week and I enjoy them ALL! It is wild but not really. Everything is flowing and positive. I am so lucky! I hope you are to 🙌!