Dangerous trend in fitness?

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Ahmood has a natural ability to move with great form right down to his footplant. And if you know me, I am very particular about this. It is so key to making sure to avoid ankle, knee, hip and back pain. Please remember, plyometrics like this one should be done systematically and with limited reps/session depending on your goal. And is your goal to jump better? Do you have a sport that requires this skill? Do you need this in your daily life? Ahmood is smart and doesn’t go crazy with his jumps. It’s just fun variety. I see a dangerous trend lately in fitness with overdoing jumps to lose weight. Ouch! And on hard surfaces? Our bodies are meant to move forward remember. That’s what our feet/arches are designed to do. Better to separate your CV and strength training for better/safer results. #personaltrainer #YOURWorldTrainer #fitness #fitover40 #health #elsegundo #manhattanbeach #hermosabeach #redondobeach #playavista #losangeles #lovemyjob❤️

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