Hip Strengthening


Ok so now that my left arm is out of the sling, these little 8 lb. dumbbells feel more like 12’s but onward! At least I kept my lower body going.

Here I’m targeting glutes especially gluteus medius, important for keeping my foot plant properly weighted to the outside and not heavy on my arch. That helps protect my knees. I’m also keeping my heels heavy and balls of my feet light. This fires glutes better without overdoing quads.

Then also by holding dumbbells here, my back, shoulders and triceps are working. And finally, I’m keeping my abs very tense to hold my ribcage and spine up and in neutral, the ideal position.

I LOVE this combo and added also lateral squats moving down the studio. No breaks. It’s tough but really fun!



I’m finally out of a sling just in time for summer- hooray! Looking forward to doing these two fav things of mine (left). Plus, meet one of my longest, fittest clients/girlfriends Chris (right). You wouldn’t believe her age! Our so-called secrets to staying fit? Not secrets at all really. We both just won’t accept anything but staying as fit and healthy as possible, we believe we can, and we do the things to stay healthy and fit everyday. But that doesn’t mean that we didn’t stop by Blue Star Donuts Sunday after our kale salads, (had one each) or that we didn’t have two glasses of wine, too, or that we never order guacamole and chips at Sausal restaurant in El Segundo (to name a few normal things..).

The key is we consistently strength train, run, bike, and eat mostly plant based. Also, our ab routine does NOT include any of these awful, recycled, outdated exercises, such as:


crunches, full sit ups with feet hooked, straight leg raises, planks GALORE, decline sit ups (yikes!).

We do include:


Squats & lunges (great ab/core exercises), standing med ball twists with stability, heavy ropes, med ball throws.. to name a few. *I teach my clients that every exercise is an ab exercise.

Questions/comments? Let me know. Enjoy!

Stuck at your computer and feeling stiff and achy?

A lot of articles are written about how often you should get up and walk around. Or you could buy a standing desk, etc. But too few articles are written about simply changing your habit and how easy it is. The bottom line: how badly do you want to feel better? Because we all know that movement keeps us feeling less achy and stiff and allows us to be able to walk, hike, and do all of the activities we want to do. All it takes is a little time each day to get up often from your computer and soon you want be able to sit there (I’m like this as I walk around on my patio writing..) for very long at all. Boom.. habit changed. No more ‘work’!

A Testimonial!

Well this little text sure brightened my day!

My new client came to me a month and a half ago post- neck surgery. She’s 76, no weight issues but was very dissatisfied with physical therapy I’m sad to say. She wanted individualized attention and rightly so. The good thing is that she had then been cleared by her doctor to train with me once he knew our program of exercises and goals. She’s coming along great and I watch her movements closely. Actually, that’s just what I do with all of my clients.. pay close attention. The bonus? We also have a blast together. She’s a crack up! Onward and upward!



Here’s my quickie lunch: a pile of sautéed veggies, mushrooms and spices which I topped with organic, shredded 3 cheese sprinkles and a few of Amy’s organic, seedy crackers. It’s so easy, so satisfying, filling but light enough to workout on. Perfect for the rest of my day!