I’m finally out of a sling just in time for summer- hooray! Looking forward to doing these two fav things of mine (left). Plus, meet one of my longest, fittest clients/girlfriends Chris (right). You wouldn’t believe her age! Our so-called secrets to staying fit? Not secrets at all really. We both just won’t accept anything but staying as fit and healthy as possible, we believe we can, and we do the things to stay healthy and fit everyday. But that doesn’t mean that we didn’t stop by Blue Star Donuts Sunday after our kale salads, (had one each) or that we didn’t have two glasses of wine, too, or that we never order guacamole and chips at Sausal restaurant in El Segundo (to name a few normal things..).

The key is we consistently strength train, run, bike, and eat mostly plant based. Also, our ab routine does NOT include any of these awful, recycled, outdated exercises, such as:


crunches, full sit ups with feet hooked, straight leg raises, planks GALORE, decline sit ups (yikes!).

We do include:


Squats & lunges (great ab/core exercises), standing med ball twists with stability, heavy ropes, med ball throws.. to name a few. *I teach my clients that every exercise is an ab exercise.

Questions/comments? Let me know. Enjoy!

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