Me doing a few, last minute squat-rows!

So after opening the gym at 6, I buzzed home real quick (luckily I live nearby), grabbed a bite (always healthy stuff at my house), and jammed back to get in a couple of sets of these, two sets of walking lunges with a twist with a 15 lb Med ball, two sets of narrow grip hanging reverse rows and one set of Hanger knee tucks before my clients all start coming in. Then lunch with my girlfriend and jam back to train afternoon clients plus finish up my weight training day. 

You know, it was kind of a chilly day and I could have gone home (I hadn’t showered yet),  but I had it in my mind to do all of my lifting so I did. And when you have that little goal for yourself for the day, you flash to being done, and how good it feels mentally as well as physically. So you ‘Just Do It!’ Best line ever. 

Enjoy your day always!  MK

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