Proper form is everything!

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With balance and movement, where your eyes go, your body goes. So, once I’ve got my foot placed perfectly, I look straight ahead (pic 2) which sets my shoulder blades down and back, extends my spine which lengthens my abs so that they can work better to keep my ribcage fixed above my hips, and steadies my body. 💥I’ll move my leg into the 3 different planes of motion to make sure my body is strong in all 3 planes for better performance and decreased risk of injury (ask me if you’re curious about this). This keeps me ready for all of the sports and activities I want to do and again lessens my chance of injury. 🥇I felt like writing about some pretty technical stuff for a change which I love and which every trainer should know about to keep clients safe. What do you think? Questions?👇Let me know😊. Taking Coaching Calls: 310.721.1468 for appointments. 🙏 Enjoy! . . #balancetraining #formiseverything #studyingallthetime #personaltrainer #nutritioncoach #ilovewhatido #lifestyle #fitover60 #elsegundo #manhattanbeach #hermosabeach #playavista #losangeles #oursouthbay @egundogram

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