Do you procrastinate? I do.. sometimes..

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Procrastinating… gotta have the right 🎶song. What’s your motivation? I’d like to know what you do to get out the door. Is it hard sometimes? I’m sure it is cause it is for all of us. What gets you there when you’re stuck? What thoughts go thru your head? Lately I’m hearing a lot of deferring to diet.. ‘it’s the key to weight loss’. Wait, what’s up with the exercise part? Why aren’t these programs working? And frankly I see them getting worse not better… less effective.. actually horrible.. too hard, too fast and furious before people are ready. The key is both: 100% what you eat, 100% HOW you exercise. Period. Because the HOW you move is KEY to getting results, making your exercise routine truly work and shape your body, and cause those 10, 20 lbs to come of once and for all. 👉I know how to do this whether you’re 25, 35, 46, or 60. I have clients all of these ages. Actually one of my fittest clients is 90😳! She’s the bomb!! 👉I am driven to do this for you. I love it!!This career is my passion and has been all my life. Let’s go do this together.. the right way! #justdoit #dontthinkjustgo #boom #imhalfwaythere #flashingfowardtofeelingenergized #mindgames #fitness #fitnessmotivation #goals #staylean #staystrongsoicandoanything #staystrongeveryone #elsegundo #manhattanbeach #hermosabeach #playavistaca #losangeles #dtla #google #oursouthbay #latimes #fitover60 #becauseisaidiwould

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