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Looking back on our July trip to…October! Can’t get enough of these photos, can you? i❤️Cascade’s beauty. It’s spiritual. PS I gotta say that for me workout pics are so boooring. I’d rather post pics of the things we all can do as a result of our workouts. Also, the specific movements you do need to be specific to YOU, your abilities, injury history, limitations, goals, etc. SO that’s why I’m not wild about you taking my movements that I may post for myself and do them randomly on your own. Make sense? PSS I’m gonna say this .. please pay extra CAUTION to movements of extreme flexibility. VERY TRENDY now. (yoga.. crazy sometimes. There I said it). Here’s why: In my 20’s I thought I was SO cool because I was able to do the splits. I used to make tapes (yes, tapes) of music for my classes sitting in the splits with my chest on the floor. (I still collect music/make playlists. Always have. Always will!) Follow that up with whipping a 9.0 McTavish and a 10.0 Boss longboard around (you do that with your hips) and the result? 2 metal hips. Am I good? 💯percent. What metal?! Haha. 👉DM me for specific exercises and workouts that are perfect for YOU.. ‘cause I’m really good at that😊 . . #stayingfitforeverythingrocks #fitover60 #strengthtraining #endurancetraining #plantbaseddiet #lifeisbeautiful #natureisbeautiful #letspreservenature #letssaveanimals #purpose #goals #latimes #elsegundo #manhattanbeach #hermosabeach #playavista #dtlaweekly #meaningfullife 🙌🌱🐾💚

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